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  2. Ah, OK. I assumed from your original post that you had sent the passports back to the UK yourself, rather than via VFS.
  3. Anyone who has $1 million plus dollars can surely afford a 20 year Thailand Elite card straight forward application process car pick you up take you to the airport then take you through customs and immigration then repeat coming back, sadly the mass demand is for people who don’t have these sums of money available to them.
  4. Your question is not much of a math, it is more of a riddle/puzzle designed to dupe with "O" looking like zero. If you tell them that your equations contain only symbols, not numbers, they probably would figure it out quickly. I guess the Chinese have seen this before somewhere else.
  5. yes avoid anything to do with Elon he's just out to get your cash lol so joking apart, disclaimer I'm a techie guy rather than a solar expert but I do know that those new fangled Lifepo4 batteries are getting a lot of good press and the prices are coming down, this is one that I think @Crossy posted in another thread https://www.lazada.co.th/products/i2527489409-s8982895965.html you need to make a list of what is important for you to keep running in a power cut and what your power requirements are? ie here in France I'd just want to keep my fridge running, lighting wise just use
  6. I tend to find an author whose writing I enjoy reading and then read everything they've written regardless of subject. The two most recent authors I've done this with are David McCullough and Simon Winchester. Both non-fiction writers, the first specializing in American history, the second is more eclectic history but usually with a geographical/geological component. Both write very well in my opinion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_McCullough#Books Good introduction to his books: The Johnstown Flood: The Incredible Story Behind One of the Most Devastating Disasters America
  7. The Orange Kanto D5 ATS above is one of the few in stock and they are trying to raise the price 970 Baht due to the Covid economy. They do also show a red Polo, slightly larger for 43,000 Bt. I could get no clarification of what could make the Polo 14,000 Bt ‘better’. Both have 6 month warranties. Many of these random brands are made in the same town ir factory in China. I did run across a Rowel with similar specs and ATS in stock with a 1 year warranty. Maybe that is actually higher quality? The supplier is www.ratthanintools.com and has great service chatting in English on Line.
  8. I used to respect the articles in a scientific journal but a lot of these are actually peer reviewed by the same group of people paid by the same pharmaceutical companies. It's just like some journal said coconut oil is bad for the heart while they promote that artificial Canola oil. I have decided to use coconut oil and not listen to any of these journals.
  9. I was going to say the same, sounds like a gastrointestinal issue, could be liver, gallbladder, pancreas, stomach, intestines, etc. But I’m not a doctor best to see a doctor or hospital 175km isn’t too far for your health, I had a 100km round trip just for my visa extension earlier today
  10. Thanks. So far so good. It is a relief to be at the end of the process, and a very big relief to know that the King has signed off on the application as well. Hoping for the best. I just renewed my annual visa and WP, so anything under a year would be nice as I would like to avoid having to do that again.
  11. ...He also demanded to know what had happened to 400,000 missing doses of vaccine intended for medical personnel asking whether they had been allocated to others.. Incredible conditions in this country. Not even the Parliament has an overview of what, when, where, how much happens to the vaccines. Shadow economy and lack of transparency. The ruling actors evade parliamentary control of what happens to taxpayers money. Precisely where the vaccine is so scarce and expensive, does the parliament, as a control institution, not know where 400 K vaccine doses are? Creepy state.
  12. That is a "biker" bar as well (HA). Wonder if someone from a rival club may have tipped the cops off for a laugh.
  13. Thats what I've read also. Anutin, awful. All these guys just running this like a private club.
  14. regardless who you are you have to exchange you id for a visitor pass and when you come with a car this car needs also needs to have a parking label.
  15. I don't know, it could still be "them" just with different hairstyles !! I did know one woman who was dancing in a go-go bar and let me know her (20 year old) daughter was "available" - she was the cashier ! It gets scarier when you realize you've been coming here for over 20 years (or 28 years) and start to wonder if any of those girls up on stage may be your daughter. (Or daughters.)
  16. Its probably the same as Phuket, they publish the new cases late afternoon and they go on the next days figures, lets check tomorrow to see if they go on?
  17. He is dead right. You can accept it, move, or give him tea money...be nice see what happens. Not many options. It's the cost of doing business, the privilege of living in heaven.
  18. Its to stop you're spit spray when you talk, cough, or just open your big mouth. Its not meant to stop you inhaling microscopic virus particles. Don't be the 7/11 guy sprouting nonsense.
  19. normally q next step would be to freeze his bank accounts around the world and also his assets. that wil make him start to surface slowly. and then he need to come in person to court to tell why they need to release it, pof course first tries to struggle and trying to prevent he needs to appear in person. in the end he will pop up in person
  20. Measure enough calcium chloride to raise the hardness level. Use 1 1/4 pounds of product for every 10,000 gallons of water if you need to raise the level by 10 parts per million. Use 2 1/2 pounds (per 10,000 gallons) to raise the level by 20 parts per million, or use 6 1/4 pounds of product (per 10,000 gallons) to raise the hardness level by 50 parts per million.
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