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  2. There's no definitive answer to the question. People vary dramatically with their wants, needs, asperations and importantly, financial situations. Many pack up and move across the world for silly reasons without knowing what they are getting into. Without doing the research and planning. How often do we hear the old chestnut - "I came for two weeks, fell in love with the laidback lifestyle/tropical weather/hot, available girls/temples/etc., and stayed. " There will always be people who find it isn't the paradise they first envisaged. Others who don't have the finances to live in a f
  3. This is a great post, thanks for that. I guess you have ties in the UK. My wife and I spent 3.5 years in the UK and my stepdaughter developed superb English during that time (she was at the right age). However, we had no support from anyone in the UK, emotional or pecuniary, my own family took zero interest in us. we were basically alone. I worked all hours, all my wife could do was sit at home and watch TV. It was tough on my wife, and work was aging me. After a couple of years, my sister in law threw us a lifeline and basically ordered us back to Thailand to fold us back into the
  4. I can't see where he said after school. This is a village school by the sound of it. Village kids will not have 200 baht a head to study English for an hour a week.
  5. Yes but really? The point is not a % point it is actually quite a number of travelers that were stitched up for a possible false positive Stuck in a AQ because someone near you tested positive? Also what point is a test on arrival ? Why are other countries not requiring tests on arrival but instead the common sense approach of tests on departure. Makes no sense,,,Because truthfully if tested before flight you should be done...If one tested positive on arrival (likely falsely) all others in that metal tube were also exposed in flight PERIOD But again as
  6. Well, here's the interpretation of the results from the scientists who conducted the lancet study: Interpretation "Vaccination reduces the risk of delta variant infection and accelerates viral clearance. Nonetheless, fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts. Host–virus interactions early in infection may shape the entire viral trajectory." https://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(21)00648-4/f
  7. not sure how much your 284 hp car weighs but personally I'd take half that and in something that weighs a ton or less lol AS much as we love technology, my point is that 'new' doesn't necessarily mean better.... I've had a few CRVs that I bought brand new in a previous life, I wouldn't have one again.....generally the 'fat consumers' nowadays buy em with tyres and wheels that are far too big and it renders them fekking useless in the snow and mud the SUV turned into a fashion statement ya?
  8. Is it really getting that bad now? Folly hankering for yesteryear I know—the 1990s and early noughties in Thailand were amazing—but It’s a crying shame how much the place has changed since that lot came in. High baht and ott pandemic restrictions are one thing, but potential visa uncertainties and just the air of commieness is going to turn people off.
  9. That means that you can still drive after 3 DUI's! What happens if you kill someone or more on the 4th DUI!!!
  10. Correct, all travelers coming from African countries are subject to a 14 day AQ. Yes, we noticed this too, some are packaged, and some are added after the fact when you attempt to checkout. Our AQ.in.th platform has always attempted to be as transparent as possible to ensure easy price comparison. We are working on direct payment processing soon which will allow instant confirmation letters through the hotels.
  11. 0.1% of visitors thus far have tested positive on arrival in AQ, and it’s not that expensive as has been illustrated by some who have already arrived. If you want to see and miss them that much you would do.
  12. Not at all, I have had 3 vaccinations, masked when asked to, washed my hands in gel, quarantined when asked and have not travelled. My point is quite clearly that society cannot continue with promises of a better future and live in fear until we end up in the authoritarian state. You have to take risks now. The fear and the consequences of the illness are worse than the reality. 100,000,000 people have been added to the planet during covid - and more than that lost in jobs. Millions now starving and dying from other illnesses. We cannot carry on like that.
  13. I thought this type of shock was rapid onset- within minutes. No, some people who are allergic to Pfizer might be ok with others. It was a known issue from the outset.
  14. The foreigners I know here I can count on one hand. The only farang I know that talks about going home is a Belgian (married a Thai, kids). He's always talking about how [email protected] Thailand is, and how awesome it would be in the south of France, where there are "people he has something in common with". The trouble is, he's been saying he's leaving for at least the 20 years I've known him (he's been here at least 30). I keep telling him he's here for life. He keeps saying he's leaving. Sometimes I wish he'd just phvk off so I don't have to listen to him telling me he's leaving.
  15. that's the stuff that fries your brain....so I wouldn't overcomplicate things with that just yet is there anywhere in/around/on top of your house that you can actually get into double figures with the download speeds? how are you measuring the dBm signals......I must admit this is confusing me; in over 20 years of using mobiles/internet/working in IT etc I've never had to measure dBm signals so I'm fascinated I'm missing out on a 'great adventure'
  16. True but not the point for most IMHO The point is your spinning the wheel of Thai uncertainty You left your country with a Neg Test You arrive in Thailand & maybe their test say positive...14 night hospital You arrive in Thailand & although you test negative the guy who sat next to you in plane or van tests positive..10 nights quarantine hotel...your expense as likely not covered by any insurance Lastly this...yes most including us spend a night in Hotel when transiting from BK to Don Mueang before heading to our home upcountry
  17. No visa needed,no quarantine or health insurance.Come this way everything free now for you,for the next 20yrs.For 20,000 baht how stupid are some people
  18. Sorry my post is not helpful, but every time I see this topic come up in the activity feed, my brain interprets it as "Best boyshop in town". I'm not sure what that says about me.
  19. Interesting question - can I add a rider? Can you do a self RT-PCR test at home and send to the lab for analysis? Is it accepted by Thailand? I read that some countries (don't know which) insist you go to a clinic to be tested.
  20. Well my wife & I were waiting for the next step of dropping all tests on arrival with tests only before departing home like most countries. I guess it will be another year of passing up our return to our Thai home Hopefully someday Thailand will realize they went thru 2019 & 2020 basically the worst years of covid with basically no testing etc at all. Their world did not end but as they see now things are ending daily for many of their citizens
  21. No - if not remitted in the calendar year paid to you. However as mentioned the Thai Revenue service are unlikely to know if that is the case or not currently so it should be of no concern - currently.
  22. in terms of % of GDP spent on the military thailand doesn't rank particularly highly at around 1.5%. https://www.statista.com/statistics/266892/military-expenditure-as-percentage-of-gdp-in-highest-spending-countries/ though they do seem to have a lot of officers, and corruption
  23. Hi, It's tough to find any answers mate, i have been searching the site for hours trying to find out what length of insurance a returning O Visa holder needs for the Thailand Pass. Try reading this, it may help a little. Courtesy of ubonjoe from a different thread. I finally got on the website for the official consulate in Vancouver and found info about the STV. See this PDF file. http://www.thaiconsulatevancouver.ca/consulate/documents/visa/stv.pdf
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