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  2. But, it is a long weekend from the 24th so there will be more people from Bangkok once again returning home to the villages etc. I would expect that infection rates would therefore rise again. I have also noticed in our province that as an increasing number of locals have finally received Sinovac or Sinopharm , there is a relaxing of caution amongst some members of the community .
  3. So where does it say a PCR test is required now or a PCR test will be required after 1 October?
  4. I hope this gets wide coverage in the local media ... it makes a lie of so much that the government has said, and shows them up as the troop of nit-wit, confused monkeys that they really are.
  5. Your fannying around is making it my problem! (PS I can actually get what you talk of there... and take a look at my post, and what I added a moment later, before you posted, and see if you can guess what it means. )
  6. Is there anything here that anyone really wants other than, uh, well you know... 555
  7. A total of 46.7 million Covid vaccines were administered between February 28 - September 22, including 29.7 million first doses, 16.3 million second doses and 623,637 third-booster shots. 646,519 people were vaccinated yesterday. #โควิด19วันนี้ #Thailand #Covid19 #วัคซีนโควิด https://twitter.com/ThaiEnquirer/status/1440915604651659271
  8. Nice attempt, no cigar. More like announcing to the police: I burgled a house yesterday, and tonight I'm going to do it again. He should have kept his mouth shut.
  9. I never had you down as an apologist for law breakers. We all know what we need to do if we find the rules too intolerable. 13 people for dinner? ......all fully vaccinated? I think they can get you on that one under the "any activity that risks spreading Covid19"....a bit of a catch all.
  10. August? I got double vaxxed in April with Pfizer …some of us have families too just like you have your Mrs. kinda rude to assume massages and etc are what sitting in quarantine hell is all about.
  11. Of the 12,763 cases in the general Thai population, the highest numbers were 2,456 in Bangkok followed by 991 in Samut Prakan, 743 in Chonburi, 663 in Yala, 549 in Rayong, 417 in Nakhon Si Thammarat, 403 in Narathiwat & 388 in Songkhla https://twitter.com/ThaiEnquirer/status/1440914985757016067
  12. I have the RooJai Covid-19 policy. 17 pages all in English Medical treatment from infections -- Coverage up to 100,000 THB . Illness with serious conditions or diseases caused by a coronavirus infection -- Coverage up to 1,000,000 TH
  13. Have seen news before of pharmacies that are not licensed by the Thai government and have googled around but have not found out how to look to see if a pharmacy is really licensed. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. ANUTIN SAYS ALL TARGET GROUPS WILL BE VAXXED BY YEAR’S END BANGKOK — Health minister Anutin Charnvirakul said the government’s plan to fully vaccinate all target population groups will definitely be achieved by the end of this year. Anutin also said the government will now turn its priority to providing booster shots, even as a majority of the Thai population has yet to receive their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. To close up that gap, Thailand is now resorting to “borrowing” vaccines from other countries, such as Singapore and Bhutan. https://www.khaosodenglish.c
  15. The story is not about the speeds available. It's about what you can say freely without censorship or fake a/c's like the image above shows.
  16. Other than people that absolutely need to get back here be it family or business, who honestly gives a hoot about what Thailand does? This country is of no major importance to anyone other than the afore mentioned. Open/close no-one in the outside world cares!!!
  17. I read about a small scale trial in NL a few days ago that gave it a positive spin actually ... but as I said, small scale and by no means approved by any health authorities. It might work as an emergency measure to protect people, but there's a long way to go before that's acceptable for international travel etc.
  18. Well Duh. But while they still have 80% of the country not fully vaccinated and still vulnerable to serious illness that is what will keep on happening. No one is talking about zero covid
  19. I have little pity for anti vaxers and their conspiracies. It irks me to to have to think i would need to do another 14 day quarantine (3rd) to spend any time leftover in my condo whilst others in that condo REFUSE to get vaccinated. I hope immigration make getting vaccinated a ABSOLUTE requirement for extendending retirement visas.
  20. From the latest confirmed cases: - 10,620 were found via walk-in tests at medical facilities - 2,621 via proactive tests at known clusters - 15 imported cases 13,829 people have recovered in the past 24 hours https://twitter.com/ThaiEnquirer/status/1440913841269837826
  21. Rayong do home visits but not 100% of the time. They may require the witness who went with you at application but again that's not 100% of the time.
  22. This is becoming more like an Islamic Fundamentalist State by the day. The regulations also state no more than gatherings of 20ppl - so what if they were ‘gathering’ at a friends house which also happened to be a restaurant??? Ok, they were foolish for ignoring the rules if they were at a bar, but really this rule is somewhat moronic. The targeting of booze is overly puritan & hypocritical in the extreme. This place is becoming more Orwellian and almost Shariah in nature by the day…. How far are we from seeing homosexuality punished by lashes
  23. Many years ago our family went to see the Emerald Buddha temple or one of those down by the river in BKK. They wanted to charge me more but my half-Thai kids could go free. I stayed out in the courtyard and bought a cold beer from a vendor on the temple grounds and enjoyed it.
  24. Maybe the same as owning a business. can buy the land, but need 7 Thai partners to do it. Ha!
  25. I didn't fanny around at all, I had my 1st jab on 9th August, 2nd jab as stated earlier, I was on 6 different lists waiting for notification from one or all of them, I was on every list the moment I became aware of them, expatvac, expat. consular, British Chambers of Commerce, plus some of the local private hospitals, I have also paid up front for the Moderna vaccine as and when it arrives, I will now convert that into 2 booster jabs for me and the Mrs when it arrives. I wouldn't call that fannying around, just cos you can't get a bj or happy ending massage with your usual beer isn
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