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  2. Likewise. I did visit their office instead of agreeing to a phone interview, though.
  3. I can't afford any other option than to live internationally. Britain is way too expensive for me.
  4. To see the UK on here is interesting, giving a new mutation of covid, one that appears to be even more infections, is now circulating in the UK...
  5. I understand from what I have read in historical accounts, that beheading was introduced in Britain, for royalty and the well off as an alternative to hanging, where you slowly choked to death on the end of a rope. It sounds more gruesome but seemingly quicker, presuming the axe is sharp.
  6. You need to examine the actual announcements. Most of the announcements contain key phrases like "awaiting approval", "to be considered" etc. They are often nothing more than an announcement of the plan or idea. Basically ignore anything from Thai tourism, take note of announcements from health, immigration, foreign affairs etc.
  7. I still have not heard from expatvac. In the end had to go down the sinovac Astra road. Had my sinovac but the astra is finished so still waiting for my second shot
  8. You are a true Twain scholar Always take him with you, as you say. On the other hand, have you ever rafted down the Mississippi?
  9. Re: Number Portability read here (It's an old topic, but the info still seems correct) Ps: Safest Bet is to go to a 12Call / AIS shop
  10. Would that be 5 continuous years or one year every other year until she reaches five? Or 6 months here and there until she gets the total 5 years in?
  11. So you would rather drive 2 hour 40 minutes 3 times a year than use an agent ? Thailand ain't the only thing that is amazing !!! 555
  12. vax also doesn't protect, just lowers chances of serious symptoms. So get full vax, book boosters every 6 month and carry on. Getting infected also boosts immunity, but is more risky, than jab. It also protects longer and stronger, than jab. Just in case get good insurance. Still, move away from cities into less populated areas. Avoid closed rooms with aircon, open all windows and use fans. Spend more time outdoors, the best in nature, away from people. Socialise with people with similar patterns. Get into steady relationship
  13. The government hospital at Nathon. To save time, make an appointment and give them the details from your first dose.
  14. Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian (PNA photo by Avito C. Dalan) MANILA – The Chinese government turned over on Thursday 2,000 metric tons of rice donations to the Philippine government. Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian said this brings to 6,150 MT Beijing's total rice donation to the country, which is seen to benefit 500,000 Filipino households. The envoy said another batch of 3,850 MT of rice donation would be shipped before the year ends. "We hope the rice will be distributed to those in need in the fastest way so as to help them get through this
  15. If they catch you I am sure they won't just tell you to fork off they will probably make a meal of you and cook your goose!
  16. Some VERY strange answers to the OP for a well handling car for twisty roads. A Jazz - !!! 555
  17. Luckily no issues after either jab.
  18. Of course. Medical insurance that covers covid-19. No doubt a few people won't read the small print of some policies and end up without real cover for mandatory hospitalisation for asymptomatic covid.
  19. Yes If it meets the insurance meets the requirements.
  20. There is a new Royal Thai Police order ? As of yesterday I did not see anything ?
  21. Vietnam shares difficulties facing small island developing states, coastal countries and those located below the sea level that are grappling with adverse impacts of the phenomenon, Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the UN said on October 18 according to https://en.nhandan.vn/. At the Arria-formula meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on sea-level rise and implications for international peace and security. (Photo: baoquocte.vn) Speaking at an Arria-formula meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on sea-l
  22. The 50k baht insurance is not medical insurance. The 50k baht insurance is only to cover treatment for covid 19. He would only need 60 days if coverage if entering on a tourist visa. When updated this site will have the 50k baht coverage up to 100 years old.
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