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  2. I wonder what price-level the hotels will charge post Covid? On the island where I live we have four prices: Off season price (where some resorts used to close due to monsoon and lack of tourists); Low Season price (the typical periods with only few tourists, actually the best months of the year in my view); High Season price (where everywhere is loaded with tourists); Peak Season price (when the island is overloaded from tourists, i.e. Xmas-New Year)... I would love if the Off Season price will be it, the where you could book a bargain candlelight dinner
  3. As usual on opposites in our views. Agreeing to disagree as usual. Enjoy the day.
  4. But, it is a long weekend from the 24th so there will be more people from Bangkok once again returning home to the villages etc. I would expect that infection rates would therefore rise again. I have also noticed in our province that as an increasing number of locals have finally received Sinovac or Sinopharm , there is a relaxing of caution amongst some members of the community .
  5. So where does it say a PCR test is required now or a PCR test will be required after 1 October?
  6. I hope this gets wide coverage in the local media ... it makes a lie of so much that the government has said, and shows them up as the troop of nit-wit, confused monkeys that they really are.
  7. Your fannying around is making it my problem! (PS I can actually get what you talk of there... and take a look at my post, and what I added a moment later, before you posted, and see if you can guess what it means. )
  8. Is there anything here that anyone really wants other than, uh, well you know... 555
  9. I never had you down as an apologist for law breakers. We all know what we need to do if we find the rules too intolerable. 13 people for dinner? ......all fully vaccinated? I think they can get you on that one under the "any activity that risks spreading Covid19"....a bit of a catch all.
  10. I have the RooJai Covid-19 policy. 17 pages all in English Medical treatment from infections -- Coverage up to 100,000 THB . Illness with serious conditions or diseases caused by a coronavirus infection -- Coverage up to 1,000,000 TH
  11. Have seen news before of pharmacies that are not licensed by the Thai government and have googled around but have not found out how to look to see if a pharmacy is really licensed. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. The story is not about the speeds available. It's about what you can say freely without censorship or fake a/c's like the image above shows.
  13. Well Duh. But while they still have 80% of the country not fully vaccinated and still vulnerable to serious illness that is what will keep on happening. No one is talking about zero covid
  14. Rayong do home visits but not 100% of the time. They may require the witness who went with you at application but again that's not 100% of the time.
  15. Many years ago our family went to see the Emerald Buddha temple or one of those down by the river in BKK. They wanted to charge me more but my half-Thai kids could go free. I stayed out in the courtyard and bought a cold beer from a vendor on the temple grounds and enjoyed it.
  16. Maybe the same as owning a business. can buy the land, but need 7 Thai partners to do it. Ha!
  17. Is this the best they have come with since the last annoucement over a month ago? It will be time to return the swap with Bhutan soon won't it?
  18. Lucky with business maybe, otherwise it's a mixed bag. It sounds like your friend didn't have a WP and didn't make a substantial investment. The idea is to help the country, not make it easier for foreigners to live here. Over the last decade I've met more people who think they should be able to arrive here and be able to work without limitations. Maybe this is because of the amount of migrant workers in their countries. The rule of having to employ Thais is a good one and in line with other countries. Ideally the jobs would involve training or skill sharing. This is an
  19. as soon as there are billions backing up the industry because millions of people are interested in it
  20. App does the same for me and as I complete quarantine tomorrow I have uninstalled it. (uses a lot of memory and drains the battery) At no time on or after entry did anyone ask to see that I had it installed.
  21. Fifteen people arrested in Pattaya restaurant after police raid, were allegedly drinking alcohol and violating Covid-19 rules By Goong Nang(GN) PHOTO: Amphon Sangkaew/77kaoded Pattaya – The Pattaya City Police raided a restaurant in Jomtien last night September 22nd, 2021, allegedly finding both foreign nationals and Thais drinking alcohol that police said violated the Chonburi Disease Control order to control the spread of Covid -19. Full story: https://aseannow.com/topic/1232704-fifteen-people-arrested-in-pattaya-restaurant-after-police-raid-were
  22. If people were accepting to die we wouldn't have stopped the world for a virus that kills mostly people who are very old and ready to die.
  23. Perhaps a different browser than I am using or maybe screen size. If you can get that far and then select the Motorcycles in Thailand Forum and then on the create topic page touch this at the top of the page to open a subforum on the forum page.
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