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  2. I was thinking more like taking a photo from the same spot every day for a few weeks months.
  3. https://thepattayanews.com/2021/10/17/analysis-all-of-the-currently-known-details-about-reopening-pattaya-and-other-parts-of-thailand-to-vaccinated-foreign-tourists-without-quarantine-from-november-1st/ Measured and balanced as always.
  4. I was commenting on: "to bury these cables in the ground". Don't you see the cables hanging on poles in many rural areas of developed countries?
  5. Note the last FAQ question and answer on the Thai insurance website listed above: "Will COVID-19 insurance be required for the Quarantine Free entry? The the best of our knowledge the answer is YES, but this may be subject to change." https://asq.in.th/thailand-covid-insurance
  6. Before you give her the bad news, don't forget to secure all of your important documents, outside of the condo if you can. Passport, bank cards, bank books, pension documents, title deeds, housebooks, spare property access cards and keys, vehicle registration books and spare keys, driving licenses, any documents from your home country and anything else that would be difficult to replace easily.
  7. I am 69. I have lived longer in years than my Father and older brothers and at this time am in relatively good non medicated health but increasingly aware of the physical deterioration that is inevitable. My Mother lived to the age of 93. My father died as the result of a cerebral hemorrhage, oldest brother from a sudden massive heart seizure, second older brother from sudden onset of rapid dementia, and my Mother from a pancreatic infection. So in essence I have no consistent familial record to refer to in expectation of cause of death. I enjoy life while I am am able to participa
  8. We use Ivermectin,and have done for some years now ,we now have a 5-month-old puppy he has had tics and fleas, I have given him 2 jabs now 3 weeks apart ,now clearing up ,as the op said with this wet weather they seem more about.
  9. I,am sure it is ok the price they charge farangs for treatment.Reason so many use go fund me because of no travel insurance.but the service and quality is good we know that
  10. This came up a few months ago.....At that time all was good.... It was reported he had a falling out with another member and was posting here less, but has been active in other forums....
  11. Another daily, silly example of what it's like to be the frog in the pot of water on that stove and not realize it. Just go to basically any other country on the planet to retire. There may be higher initial requirements, but once you jump through those hoops, they leave you alone. In addition to losing all of their tourists, this is the next comeuppance the Thai authorities need....all of the foreigners living and spending money there to just give them a well-deserved middle finger on their way out the door to anywhere.
  12. There is another post running where I was challenged as to why I use an agent, its just for this kind of utter BS. The IOs just don't know their own rules.
  13. Albert Finney! Sorry for being slightly off topic, but I really want to know. In his early years, and even in his later years, seems Albert Finney was quite an amazing actor. What do you think? Under the Volcano: Amazing Film. Finney was Amazing in this, I always thought. Maybe most of you will not agree with me. That's OK, with me.
  14. I think you'll find for covid related treatment, its all free in the UK for everyone although for other treatment outside of A&E then you may well have to pay. Overseas visitors to England, including anyone living in the UK without permission, will not be charged for: 1. testing for coronavirus (even if the test shows you do not have coronavirus) 2. treatment for coronavirus – including for a related problem that affects some children called multisystem inflammatory syndrome 3. vaccination against coronavirus 4. No immigration checks are needed.
  15. The guide I posted answered your questions and contains the best practices you asked for. If it was not good enough and you had actually already downloaded it from the pinned post in this sub forum then you should have said so and requested more information. if you can’t be bothered to put in enough detail to get the information you want, why would you expect to get the information you want. If you are unable to understand the text and unable to read and write then you need to ask a technical Thai reader and writer to do your searches for you. It is unlikely that a search
  16. Thailand is a ridiculous soup sandwich. The out of touch religious fanatics that run that place actually believe that there are millions of foreign devils waiting in their awful foreign lands for their graces to deign them permission to enter their unique paradise. There is literally ZERO reason for a tourist to go there. Returning family members, expat Thais and people with jobs, sure...it'll make their life slightly less difficult, but look around after you jump through their made-up hoops....a broke d*** country with tons of inane rules directed against non-Thais....more freedom to not h
  17. my guess is it gets a layer of wind blown sand over it, couple that with the camber of the road and smooth tar finish and the cars lose traction and skate off.
  18. You really need to watch it until the very end - the final few episodes are particularly excellent.
  19. Wondering if I should be concerned with 150 views but 0 replies
  20. When it comes to burn as much money in a short period of time, then Switzerland is indeed an excellent choice. One of the most expensive countries on the planet. - Gone are the days when Thai Ladies could vist a Farang in Switzerland, when only some temporary liability/health insurance was needed for the visitor. It's gotten very cumbersome.
  21. BS. Good is often cheap and cheap is often good. So again, if they truly are better, why the mandates?
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