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Thaivisa Calendar 2018 1.0.0

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Click the green download button to get your copy of the Thaivisa Calendar 2018


A big thank you to everyone who submitted photos and a special thanks to Ron for his help.

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There is a part of this calendar that is very, very appealing. And a part I would prefer not to have to face, on a daily basis.

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Many thanks to the creator. I was just thinking about how to get a list of all the official Thai holidays.

Then it popped up!



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I never realized what a handsome prince the late King's son is.  Of course the picture is from when he was younger but still.

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On 28/12/2017 at 12:39 PM, Tchooptip said:

I understand this is a calendar mainly for Westerners, I mean TV members, but for all of us with a Thai family it would have been easy to put a small figure for every Buddhist observance day "one pra" like on most Thai calendars.

So it could have been used  by everyone in the house, no offence this is no way a critic just a suggestion :smile:

Maybe next year?

Ditto, phases of the moon would have covered this.  At least full moon, new moon and half moon.

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I have tried many times to download this  and it never works...The download completes but the calendar only goes to page 1-2...

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