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  1. Just had a quick run through your trip very similar to mine .. I am looking for off the beaten tracks too .. as much off road as possible ...
  2. Cheers that's on my route I'll check it out thx any suggestion appreciated PS the Dam can you ride you bike over it ?
  3. Have you any personal recommendation for accommodation(one night stop0ver) in the Tak area before you reach the 1175... and price ect Cheers
  4. Yeah ! it's to get me to the start of my road trip proper ... After leaving Mae Sot it'll be at a more relaxed pace and taking in the local sites about 300Km +/- 50km each day the red line a rough idea of my route ...
  5. No Toll roads on this route . ... and 10hrs on the saddle doesn't phase me
  6. this route avoids BKK and only add a few extra Km
  7. Got a route planned out already . I was just wondering if anyone had a better route option I am always open for new ideas .
  8. Hi All looking to drive from Sattahip to Mae Sot (beginning of November) by motorbike ..any recommendation/tips of the fastest route preferably by-passing BKK as much as possible ..... looking to do the journey in one day . and if you know a couple of rest stops with decent food that would be helpful too Thanks in advance Cheers
  9. Yeah ! Building "B" for the first Jab ... and if the email is correct go direct to floor 9 Building " A" for the second Jab ....
  10. I checked the Mor Phom last week and noticed a change of date brought forwards 3 weeks . I contacted PhayaThai2 hospital for confirmation and got this Email back. Dear Sir, Greetings from Phyathai 2 Hospital! Thank you for contacting us. We would like to inform that the hospital has initiated an expedited vaccination schedule for all remaining second dose of AstraZeneca at our hospital. We are due to send SMS reminders in the coming days to reconfirm the date and time of your vaccination. However, if you do not receive the SMS from our hospital within this w
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