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  1. Makes you wonder why they continue with it at all if that is the only uptake.
  2. sadly not correct Jens, I was told by one of the CW supervisors to consider changing to a non-o next year as this change was about to be made. I was doing an extension. I do agree with you on the non-o, its does not make sense (if I were a gov official) having two different ext of stay fro retirement processes,
  3. I was told about this Change Wattana a few weeks ago when doing an extension. I was also told it would not apply to Non-O and I should consider swapping visas in the future. However as I already have "proper" health insurance it makes the O-A one step easier for me.
  4. Do any of these satellite projections cover more than a 3 or 4 hours? I found "rainviewer" to be incredibly accurate for rain but its just 3 hours forecast, which does not suit my needs because I want to know what the weather will be like tomorrow morning.
  5. Whats the best website for forecasts of Thailand weather? I have tried a few but they all just seem to say "rain" everyday for the rainy season like now, whereas we can have a sunny morning and rain just in the afternoon. What do you use/recommend?
  6. I have been pondering this as well. I sort of decided that going back to the mother country once a year to get a new visa was as easy as anything else. Hopefully that option will become easier in the coming months.
  7. I read all this and smiled. Two groups seem to be prevalent a) I don't want them to close or change to happen and b) the inevitable decline has already begun. Look on the bright side, before its completely dead (go-gos) most of you will also be dead or too old to be bothered about it anymore. I give it 5-10 years before its all gone underground and sex tourism will not be a thing because you will have a hand job machine connected to a computer and 3d goggles. Of course some "Amish" will survive believing themselves to be the embodiment of pure sex tourists of old.
  8. He was fantastic, lived in CM but I went several times to Rama 3 (TDaeng) to see the band. They were amazing musically and as a spectacle. The Tawan Daeng venue really suited them, they could really get the crowd going. Another Farang Thai legend passes.
  9. Whats the current rule for 800k seasoning for CW? I have just got my extension of stay, don't know if I will be around for another next year but want to cover all bases. Can I just spend the money now and then bring in another 800k 3 months before my extension next year? Cheers
  10. From the article: Time period 2.5 months Average income 4000 Euro (1600 euro per month) No mention of flight costs (or loans to cover costs) No mention of fees for the employment agent (Thai side and fixer) It quotes annual earning in Thailand for farm labourer as 800 euros a year (67 euros a month - or 2600 baht) Does one need to take into account that in a covid year, prices are higher for the berries?
  11. Considering 78% of them said that the target of 70% of the country should be vaccinated before reopening should be met first, one would ask is the title a little misleading, is their gripe really with the Gov rather than with foreigners entering?
  12. I say open all the bars but just make the owners adhere to same distancing as restaurants. OK to make fines for non compliance. Since the lockdown I have found I actually drink MORE being stuck at home on myself with only my booze collection for company.
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