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  1. First although it has started it must be done 24/7 and not during a few hours!  Movement of migrant workers must be stopped the measure must be much stricter than a slap on the wrist. Those caught their project will be close down and a massive fine 1 million baht minimum for start. If it is being done by contractors who have contracts with the government the contract should be voided, fined and the company seize under the Emergency Act government official in charge of these project need to make sure the rules are being followed if not they are to be removed ASAP personally I don't care who they are!


    All testing in every province should have enough equipment and testing if needed must be free. A number of cases particularly here in Chon Buri reported car loads of migrants being brought in all infected because the contractor didn't want to pay for testing in another province so they took them to Banglamung where it is free if you are from the province. The contractor reported (lie) that the project was in Siriacha someone in the hospital figure it out.


    Then you got the NHS medical system (30baht) if you are register in the province if not you pay a higher price when it comes to the poor it makes a difference. During the pandemic just test and treat allowing them to travel infected back to their province is just insane. I know a personal case where a person was from one province working in Bangkok, felt she was infected because of the system being poor she traveled back to her province and village that there weren't any testing equipment so they ran around until they found a location she was confirmed to have the virus meantime family that were in contact all had to be tested and quarantine.

    This situation is easy to fix to stop movement.


    Put your thinking caps on that would be a good start! 

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  2. 6 hours ago, arick said:

    Go read the new data from the study after two doses of pfizer after five months you are only protected by 10% of not getting  corvid 19!  91% chance you won't get serious ill. But 90% chance of getting infected! Read the study not just media headlines 


    First, Media Headlines?  can you confirm that is how I came to my opinion?  funny people say stuff like this then quote to others exactly what they are criticizing others!  WWW. CNBC  I read the article I think you would get lots of debate from medical researcher from the Health Minister of Israel regarding these numbers it isn't past on trials etc. it is just his opinion from results in this one country if it was a stand alone only country in the world you might have something but you done.  Is cnbc not part of the media?

  3. 5 hours ago, arick said:

    Well even after the phifzer vaccine double dose their is  a 90% chance of getting infected with the virus after 5 months. So we are all going to get corvid virus or  masked or in unMasked.

    Go read the new Israeli data of new infections 

    The conclusion from my reading of the science of course anyone guess but not heard you have a 90% chance of getting infected but the correct word being thrown around today is " Breakout Cases "  which is rare based on the millions already vaccination it has been reported the more vaccination the numbers will go up it is all part of the course.

    Here is the big difference what I'm reading from the science that if you are fully vaccinated the chance of you dying or being hospitalize is minimum.  If and went I do get vaccinated whether I'm here or at home I plan to wear a mask and follow the science and use a bit of critical thinking if I'm visiting a place that has a low rate of infection being vaccinated I might chose not to wear one but if there is a major outbreak like in Thailand and the leaders mandate a mask it is simple I will wear one it isn't like you got a diaper on your face I don't see what the big deal is being made?🤔

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  4. 6 hours ago, GroveHillWanderer said:

    Farang does not mean foreigner.


    The Royal Institute Dictionary 1999, the official dictionary of Thai words, defines the word "farang" as "a person of white race".


    So whatever else this guy is, he's not a farang.

    Go ahead I know you are just dying to use that word 😂  don't be shy you'll feel much better after.

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  5. I was there one or two behind him as soon as something was said, I sidestepped away seen it a million times back home growing up at my age I felt it was my opportunity to jump ahead and ordered 5 taco supreme and got a seat to listen to all the " <deleted>> " this <deleted>> that "  being lock down here unable to return home since I not want to go through all the hoops to get back in I've been a bit homesick but after a few minutes of listening I had no longer had that feeling. 😂


    I also agree that when it comes to farang whenever they get a chance to make us look bad they will but in this case Clxarence really didn't need any help. I also read all the suppose science to wearing a mask and whether you should eat in or out and although I agree we are guess here I do more than my share of bashing the Thais and they way they think but when it comes to just simply wearing a mask it has been made clear whether you are outside or inside what a Thai do or don't when it comes to wearing a mask why make a national issue out of it.


    You watch the video the guy went on and on as if he was Mr. T, I'm surprise a follow up was made but as I noted above it was a chance for a photo ops I wish someone would have film the arrest it would have been nice to see how Clxarence and his church going side?🤔 From how the article was written it seem he might have dumped out a can of refried beans when he opened the door


    I think a day of Free Tacos would have been a better solution?

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  6. 5 hours ago, Nanaplaza666 said:

    They didn't have the money because they put it all in their deep pockets since the beginning of the outbreak when they said(and thought) everything was under controle . Now when it's time to pay up they say they don't have the money . But they have the money to keep on talking about subs and spaceships . I wonder if there is ever someome going to look into this moneygrabbing sceam . I think they thought that Grab delivery was doing so well they wanted Grab as well , only they Grabbed without giving any service .

    It isn't going to happen not in my life time because the people are so condition as just part of doing business!  Ten years or close I read an article in the BK Post that the country loses 200 Billion a year due to their leaders corruption one has to wonder what is it today?  In a survey Thai people feel a bit of corruption is good for the country paying graft for doing business is just part of doing business in this country as long as it is acceptable by citizens that are brainwashed and accept it these old swamp dogs will continue doing what they do best and past it down to their children.

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  7. 44 minutes ago, chilli42 said:

    I am missing something.  Why is there a need to do a lowered accuracy home test?  If you have symptoms of Covid then get a proper test (such as it is) …. or be responsible and self isolate.  If you have Covid, it’s not like they can do anything for you. Are they expecting people to home test if they don’t have symptoms?

    I think these test are being pushed because the system is overwhelmed, panic has developed Thais are rushing down to get tested even when they don't have symptoms then there is the panic someone walks into a mall visit a particular store they are infected now everyone who entered the mall during the day is being called down for test 3 days later retest.  Since this 3rd wave the wife has been call a half dozen times although I was with her each time being a foreign told that we get treated equally I've not been called.😂

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  8. The government is so top heavy it wouldn't be hard to just pull one of the crowd on any given day and say you have a nice head of hair nicely dye monthly and pull their string as to what needs to be said today.  Several years ago I read an article from a MP and a survey followed thereafter that telling a white lie can be good for people that goes allow with apologizing it gives people the sense that the government is on top of the situation so down worry sit back thus the saying " mai pen rai "🤣

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  9. I run around all day here in Pattaya, like you I've not seen or heard of free except at Banglamung and that is for Thai 2 months ago  took the wife down as you noted it is a mad house the lady ask if I needed to be tested once she realize I wasn't Thai told me I had to pay.  I've not seen a booth or truck in Pattaya offering this service but out here on the Darkside at one of the market a month ago was offering testing at a market. But you can get a test quickly done with result at BPH for 3500 baht.


    Personally, I'm not a big fan of the contact tracing if the person haven't shown any sign there isn't really a need to be tested right now it is panic out here for good reason. I find it funny twice now my wife getting calls to be tested because we venture into a place just happen I was with her we sign in separate she got a call and I didn't?  Maybe it is see a farang name you got to speak English pass?🤔

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  10. 3 hours ago, smedly said:

    you are basically telling me to shut up - right 


    I've been watching your posts for a while now and concluded you direct your comments mostly at other posters contributing very little to the topic hoping for a rise - well here's my rise 


    welcome to my ignore list - something I very rarely use so feel "special"

    Using that button you give him too much credit,  only someone who is blind or S actually believe in this statement if it was true we wouldn't have the problems that Thailand has now!  " let them do their job "  maybe all the smoke articles coming out of their leaders got him brainwashed?🤣

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  11. 9 hours ago, Mango Bob said:

    How many Americans are in Thailand?  Also is the Thai government going to charge their people for getting the vaccine?

    I read there was something like 5000 expats?  I suspect since U.S. doesn't do a lot of oversight when they give something away their typical diplomatic way " oldest friend "  who now have their heads up the butts of the CCP the greedy Thai government most likely will sell the doses after they all get their boosters to the private hospitals.


    I'm not crossing my fingers but maybe the last minute they might made an announcement to register and off to Bang Sue for the last minute Sunday shot?🤔

  12. Waste of time and money but not for the muni boys who will use this project and milk it for all it worth, as soon as the first major storm comes what was spent will end up in the ocean.  You can't laid larger pipes to contain rain water then have them lead all the way to the ocean. All those Sukumvit center island storm drain lead down to just the beach! 

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