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  1. 555 Anything is possible right? You know how JF Kennedy's father made a killing in the 1929 stock markets? He was having his shoes shined one day as was the fashion back then you sat up high on a perch & read the paper while the shoeshine guy shined your shoes Well the shoe shine guy knew Mr Kennedy was a high roller in the markets & said to him he was also now investing & his friends were too & had some tips to share Well Joe knew it was time to exit the markets then & there because everyone was agreeing it only had one place to go.
  2. Granted that Man was a POS but...to tar the whole foreign resident base with that brush ? Meanwhile how many white tourist women have been raped or killed by Thai men especially on the islands like Koh Tao ?? What form of tracking was added to fit those profiles?
  3. All that cop saw was 200 baht trying to float past So forget safety Forget your post directing traffic Go get that Baht
  4. Yes agree Govt pooched it when they early on were declining many vac offers But about families returning upcountry with covid it will not be because of fully vac'ed tourists as Phuket Sandbox showed Less than 1% were tourist infections Mainly all were Thai's coming back to work infecting each other For better or worse Covid has been strong & spreading since 2019-2020 in Thailand too regardless of the fairy tales they told. They just never tested till 2021 in any meaningful way. So it is well entrenched throughout Thailand already Bu
  5. They need to focus........... Why are they even asking this? Why even worried about testing fully vaccinated arrivals? Did they learn nothing at all from their Phuket Sand box? It was not the arrivals that were spiking the Covid cases it was all the un-vaccinated Thai locals returning to work infecting each other They need to instead focus on increasing their own vaccination rates not worry about fully vaccinated arrivals & how they will test them yet again
  6. Sounds great ....for you On the other hand you may in fact become a prime target if the Thai population descends into chaos due to lack of income, hope etc etc But lastly I do think Thailand should of course first have its own house in order before inviting guests Because as the Sandbox showed it was not the tourist who were getting sick (less than 1%) But instead the locals that all came back to work to service tourists were actually infecting each other
  7. I know right? I mean as a previous owner of a nice condo in Chiang Mai I was surprised by that article too. I just assumed many US citizens owned condos in Thailand as the price was so affordable in comparison
  8. Beats me but gold & more so silver allowed me to retire in 2012 at the ripe old age of 56 No debt, never worked again, so if someone knows what goes where & why they may do just fine thanks It is not about just buying something but understanding the G/S ratio & how to play it That aside again everyone is free to buy what they want & put their money where they want. But to assume something based on your obvious wealth of no idea is a bit embarrassing....for you For those in & hopefully out of cyber coins hopefully you did well &
  9. My wife & I spend 3 months a year at our Thai home We have not been back since December 2019 due to this Covid We personally will not return till it is Open with a capital O Meaning ok vaccination required no prob...done But that is it No 100K USD Covid Insurance ( We already pay $300 for travel insurance...will not pay another 12k baht for 100k USD covid cover) No PCR Testing in Thailand (For fear of being called asymptomatic & hospitalized to drain insurance) No COE (our usual paper work is plenty enough to deal with (My 90 day
  10. That is what these folks say to make weak hands let go the real physical stuff so they can snatch it up Only half kidding if you know JP's history with Silver All that aside it is not even a contest..Precious metals have been money for centuries & will continue after each & every fiat currencies fails. BTW: Every single one has failed eventually & those today standing are just more examples headed that way Bitcoin.... smitcoin...you could have been buying Tulips...same same Sure all pyramids make money for the early arrivals but not on
  11. Channel 7 reported on the figures for purchase of real estate (mostly in the condo market) over the last three years. Top five for real estate ownership were the Chinese with 20,796 units, 2,007 Russian, 1,113 UK, 1,110 French and 825 Japanese.
  12. Well if its annoying you could try finding a more secluded spot?
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