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  1. And the sole owner (you know who) of said company (Siam Bioscience) which gained exclusive rights to produce AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine in Thailand under a contract signed with the British drugmaker in November.
  2. Did you think about getting a covid vaccine for your dog for free supposedly they contain microchips, An Alarming number of Americans think vaccines contain microchips to control people,
  3. re-read what he wrote slowly. He didn't realize the thief was a young person until after...
  4. yes , this is the same position, annoying trying to read a post and can't remove it, it opens another page when you click the X.
  5. Can the person who makes these pop up ads please fix this new one , it's blocking and annoying, you click on the x and it opens another page that says Error.
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