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  1. It is also said that it is better to give than to receive, so how does that work then?
  2. That LN - lot number/batch number - is exactly the same that is on my certificate. Where were you jabbed? I was done at Central Festival, Pattya, on 19/08 and 09/09. Seems that we were all done with the same batch. Maybe the Pfizer donation that came from the USA, which I'm assuming is what we received, was just one lot/batch or maybe it was split and different batches went to different vaccination centres. Anyway, the shelf life, while refrigerated, seems to be several months - just a few hours once out of the fridge though, which is what you would expect.
  3. I don't know, how many doses in a batch and what is the shelf life?
  4. Same here. Has Certificate Number, also vaccination dates and vaccine type, with what I think is probably the batch number. No personal information at all.
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