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  1. One rule (besides the usual distancing procedures, masks, and temp checks) is a testing requirement- students must show a negative ATK test taken within 72 hours prior to returning to school.
  2. This is the list as it currently stands- I won't be shocked if the opening is delayed, but hopefully it won't be: Vocational education in Chiang Mai Province, 4 places 1. Chiang Mai Technical College 2. Fang Vocational College 3. Lanna Polytechnic College, Chiang Mai 4. North Fang Vocational College Educational institutions affiliated with NHSO private schools in the system 16 international categories 1. Americana Chinese International School 2. Unity Concord International School 3. Brightseeds International Kindergarten 4. Chiang Mai Internati
  3. Unity Concord sent out a message to parents on Tuesday night that said it's among the schools that were approved to open (under whatever conditions the government is imposing) for on-site learning on September 20th. There are still a few days between now and then for things to change, but hopefully the kids can get back to some semblance of 'normal'.
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