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  1. I had exactly the same experience a couple years ago. Patience in the face of stupidity is not one of my strengths. After putting up with that sh*t for long enough I exploded and the culprits scrambled to complete their payment. The cashier seemed to appreciate it as she couldn't do anything about that sh*t.
  2. Why the f don't you just go buy a pack? Asking people their taste is beyond belief.
  3. Tap water in BKK is safe to drink. I used to drink it a lot but don't like the taste anymore. But if you are concerned then use bottled or filtered water for poached eggs. You only need a small AMT in a small bowl in a microwave. Look at YouTube for ways to poach an egg in a microwave. It works great.
  4. Nothing will happen. If your landlord threatens court action he is bluffing, just as when you could threaten to refer the case to the Office office of consumer Protection, tax authorities and possibly immigration if he has not registered your presence. He won't be paying tax on your rent so that will put the sh*TS up him. I know it works coz I got 2 months deposit back after leaving 6 months early. The hi-so landlord was not going to negotiate after my being his tenant for 5.5 years, so I decided to give him an offer he could not refuse. And he didn't.
  5. The head of a vaccine institute did not see virus variants coming? OMG, variants are what viruses do. It's the first thing you learn at school when they tell you about viruses! It's Viruses 101, you d***<deleted>.
  6. The 90 day report using the android immigration app worked fine this morning for me. Better than the web version.
  7. Anyone got same info for travelling from Chonburi to Bangkok, return. I have a Vax appt in August
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