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  1. I spoke too soon. Ep. 1 is a waste, but just watched ep. 2 - it's miles away from ep. 1 and getting back to the Gomorra we remember. Haven't seen more yet, but regretting I didn't already download ep. 3 so I could view it right now.
  2. I watched episode 1. I've seen all the previous seasons. as well as the "early years" feature . If you had no previous experience with Gomorrah, would you bother watching episode 2? I thought ep. 1 totally uninvolving and uninteresting. A lot of meaningless arbitrary action devoid of plot. Even though I've seen earlier seasons, none of what was going on had any meaning to me.
  3. I appreciate the info on SBS.com.au. However, I'd like to warn others about something which I haven't seen mentioned - SBS interfupts Gomorrah with commercials. I'm surprised anyone is willing to watch it under that condition.
  4. What % is Wise charging you for your transactions? Cash advances charge a big fee plus interest. Grand Papillon isn't seeing those charges. It's not just the cc company which is a surprise. Wise is known to charge low fees, but is going to be paying the cc company 2 - 3% on the transaction. So I wish this was accurate but it seems an unworkable situation for Wise, let alone the cc company giving in effect a free loan for ~ 45 days average.
  5. That's a great situation. If you don't mind - Is that a USA card? Which bank?
  6. Your credit card calls it a Cash Advance, or they accept it as a regular charge paid for with the cc?
  7. Are you positive all they did was make your partner the beneficiary? I'd heard of this previously, and checked with both the person who handles foreign accounts and then with the branch manager at my branch of Bangkok Bank, and both said what you describe is making it a shared account but with your name still the sole name on the front page. However, it is now a joint account and both the partner and you have control.
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