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  1. I'm a Yank, on your side in this. However, I remember the first morning I ever woke up in China, as a tourist in 2000. My first thought was "Why don't they just take back Taiwan?" I was impressed with their industrial power. They have nearly inexhaustible natural resources and soldiers to throw at Taiwan, which is right on their doorstep. The answer is that China calculates a benefit from the status quo. Whether it's in banking or technology or something else, I'm not qualified to say. AUKUS is a step in the right direction, but holding China at bay when they decide to take Taiwan
  2. Yikes! Don't scratch the paint. It's unnecessary. Just push the tires through some mud. Good enough!
  3. Only slightly off-topic: About 40 years ago, a friend's GF told me I was opinionated. That was an eye-opener. I realized that she was right, and since that day, I don't feel I have to have an opinion on every everything. It was liberating to be able to back away and not care about so many things that do not affect my life.
  4. Good idea. Too many people ride mountain bikes and never leave paved roads. That suspension adds weight. Lose it if you're not gonna use it. Also, be aware that there are two kinds of hybrid. Some are heavy, developed around mountain bike frames originally. Then there's the light kind, like a road bike with flat handlebars. The Sirrus from Specialized is a good example. I've had both kinds, used for commuting in Wisconsin. I got tired of the extra weight in 2003, so got the lighter kind (yes, a Sirrus). But lots of brands compete for that segment. Here's a list of nea
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