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  1. My reply...... Thanks for your reply but it does'nt address the problem of me selecting "funds for long term stay in Thailand" and it not working anymore. Previously if i selected this "reason for transfer" my transfer was always routed direct to Bangkok bank and not another of your partner banks initially.
  2. Here's their reply......... Thanks for getting in touch! I understand your concern, but as the payment is successfully paid out from our end, we couldn't make any changes right now. However, you can reach out to Bangkok Bank branch where the account is maintained and provide the following documents: Bangkok Bank Savings Passbook or Statement showing the specific transaction Passport of Recipient Agreement of the purchase of Condominium (for purchasing accommodation purposes) By following the above steps, Bangkok Bank
  3. Would it be a "tagging" problem now ? i've never used the tagging option just the "funds for long term stay"
  4. Just sent....... When we used the funds for long term stay option as the reason for transfer, the transfer always went directly to Bangkok Bank and no other bank was used for the transfer. Now, that is not happening? Why and will you please fix it?
  5. Here's my email to Wise and their reply. It would appear they are taking no notice of their option "funds for long term stay in Thailand" resulting in an FTT with Bangkok Bank direct, what a crock of ????
  6. Yes indeed i did select funds for long term stay, it was from my UK bank account so no debit ACH which i believe is for our American friends only. I will indeed post the "Wise'' reply, here's hoping it is in fact "Wise" lol
  7. I've just done a transfer to my Bangkok Bank account 12.10pm Thai time and it arrived immediately and sure enough WITHOUT the FTT code. I have emailed Wise pointing out the problem and am awaiting a reply.
  8. Well the problem has clearly been identified to Wise but what we really need to know is what Wise is going to do to rectify the problem if anything at all. I have to say i find Wise's attitude very disappointing. If they are not going to do anything to rectify the problem we need to find alternatives that will achieve FTT on our transfers and i'm running out of time before my next transfer. Are we going to have to return to the expensive Swift transfers ?
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