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  1. You have every right to your opinion...... If the Chinese or the martians buy up Thailand, there is nothing I can do. If the Thais want this, so be it. No more tourist hubs, but casinos....? I guess you're a foreigner just like me in this interesting country and therefore you certainly realize that our point of view do not make much difference to the thai in charge.... And should the Thais decide to go all in again with mass tourism to the tourist hubs, then so be it as well.... As to penny pinching hero, I applaud you for intensively supporting the tourist hubs. To es h his own (after a
  2. You have every right to your opinion. Frankly, whether entertainment venues are open or not, is of no concern to me. But realistically, what is Thailand well known for all over the world and what was the attraction for a majority of tourists? I suggest that the authorities step up their efforts to promote a new Thailand. the competition will be fierce, there are beaches all over the world, italian, french, indian, chinese, vietnamese cuisine is quite palatable. And there are temples, churches, museums in other countries as well..... Is it bad not to cater to sex tourism? I don't think so. But
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