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  1. I don't think it is the night in a hotel itself is the problem so much, it is the overinflated cost of the PCR test itself as well as the cost of the hotel. The soldiers with their leader posing as a PM have just found the perfect excuse to keep the PCR test going using this new virus whatever it's called.
  2. You ride your bike with a mask on????????????. You do not have to wear a mask when you are exercising.
  3. Yes, I have done it, I just stood in front of them when they had to move very slowly, and forced them to go on to the road. I'm a big guy and it was one against one. One time recently I did it and he opened his jacket and he revealed a police uniform. yes, I let him go.
  4. The Thai soldiers government are not interested in their own people, so why should they be interested in you? All they are interested in is their offshore bank accounts.
  5. Highly unlikely, he is not a politician, also, he is not qualified for anything to do with health, he will stick out like a sore thumb in the company of real politicians.
  6. I think young bald men is practically non existent among Thais.
  7. There is an insurance company advertised here on TV/AN who won't insure over 75's.
  8. Chinese, with Indians frequenting the buffet all you can eat restaurants.
  9. Of course not, This is Thailand. No corruption, only prostitution.
  10. Just wish it was possible for some authority to look into this unelected PM and his generals bank accounts. Comparing them from 2014 when they stole the country and now.
  11. Now you can see why they are called The Chuckle Brothers. Real comedians the pair of them.
  12. Here we have the other Chuckle Brother. It is not often you see a face as ugly as that with no facial hair to hide it.
  13. Yes that's right, but I am referring to expat retirees who go back to their own country for a holiday and then want to return to Thailand.
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