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  1. I wonder if, in the future, this present unelected PM will ever be held for trial over the many indescripences he is responsible for, ie the situation regarding the vaccines, the spread of the Cvirus and unnecessary deaths caused by his incompetence etc.
  2. What about the people who are innocent? and don't tell me that everyone in prison is guilty. I believe the vast majority are guilty, but keep in mind that everyone serving a prison term are there on one persons decision, and no human being never makes mistakes.
  3. Unless they are holding a position in a military government.
  4. They are not prepared to do anything about Thailand's dreadful road statistics, so why should this be any different? You have all the Lt/Cols, Maj/Gens, and other high end police ranks to busy preening themselves and prancing about with their medals, ribbons, and other bling, to bother about law and order.
  5. I agree, but you have to make sure the person is 100% guilty, not just to rely on one persons "the judge"s decision.
  6. "I often think Thailand is progressing rather well." Under the soldiers government?????????????
  7. No can do, need money for submarines and space programme.
  8. Two on settlement visas and one on a 3 week visit. What is the something similar you mention? The chances are I would, but not to pay the extortionate fees, and try to understand the legal jargon of the thieving insurance companies.
  9. As long as Thais get free medical treatment in the UK using money I contributed as a tax payer, I will have no qualms if I could avoid paying for any treatment I get here in Thailand. Also, before anyone comes on and says they don't. I have known personally Thais who were getting free medical treatment in the UK.
  10. I click on delete, then check Trash very so often so that I can empty it, but there is never any trash in it. I also use Outlook, well Hotmail. I will check the App and see if there's a Deleted folder.
  11. Does anyone know why all the emails I have deleted on my smartphone don't go to my Trash folder? My Trash folder is always empty, so where do my deleted emails go? Thanks.
  12. Can you use the joystick that Bigz posted a few posts back with the XBOX360?
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