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  1. I should have added after you have deleted previous attempts, you need to change the dates as there may be previous attempts(even months ago) that you can not see on the default time
  2. When you said ditched, did you go into your previous attempts and delete them from the system, make sure you go back and delete all attempts, then log out and clear all your cookies/cache, a, nd try again.
  3. I am sure it did state 400/40k 2 years ago when i got my visa, otherwise how would i have known how much insurance was needed, though i went for ox, the medical requirements were the same, but i agree it can be read differently, time will tell
  4. There is no such visa as an OA marriage, OA visas are retirement visas, there is a non o marriage and a non o retirement, as well as an ox retirement visa
  5. See here for the list of approved insurers from Thailand https://longstay.tgia.org/home/companiesoa once you reach 60 or thereabouts you need a full medical for them to accept you, this is done by a hospital of their choice,
  6. If you are not married then the mother has sole rights over the child, your name on the birth certificate is not enough, you need to legitimize the child, either marry the mother, do it through the court, or easiest by going through the Amphore you need the mothers agreement going this way
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