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  1. . Anybody ever use UBuy Thailand? https://www.ubuy.co.th/en/ They have a product no one else has but I'm leery of giving them credit card info as I've never heard of them.
  2. . Maybe I should just pack it in with some books and dirty underwear.....
  3. . Thanks. I like that. By insurance, you mean USPS insurance? No problem. I'm just concerned with Thai customs..... So there is a duty plus the 7%? Is the duty fixed, or a percentage, or whatever they say it is? 3000 baht total custom charges? Do they open or X-ray packages? Sorry for so many questions.....
  4. . Thai economy faces uncertainty... How odd.... I'm certain the Thai economy is going to he11 in a hand basket. But at least the worthless dollar is going up.
  5. . My neighbor grew kana for extra income. He would saturate the crops every week, wearing shorts, flip-flops, and no mask. One time I saw him soak everything, then harvest and take to market the next morning...... The day after that, I started my own garden. Still have it.
  6. . Exactly why I don't do smart phones and online banking, despite being ridiculed by many on this forum. Also why I use an agent, and keep my cash in a safe.
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