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  1. However, if they are "outside" of territorial waters, then indeed there should be Immigration concerns as well. Despite there being no stop-overs (in "foreign" waters/ports) during the journey. Can you imagine the mess that would make ? I don't recall any such issues with the other ferries, like the one that used to run from Pattaya to Hua Hin. Got to wonder why there are so many problems with this venture.
  2. Doublepseak for "We only want tourists that will go shopping in the malls then return to their hotel rooms for the remainder of their holiday. All others need not apply or fly here."
  3. Went last year. It was entertaining, but hotter than ****. I only watched 3 of the "races" after spending the morning wandering around taking pics and watching the parade and other festivities. They were taking 25-30 minutes to run each race (which lasts about 20 seconds) and I didn't want to spend all afternoon waiting to watch a couple more races. I wanted to go this year but couldn't find out when it was being held. Last year it was on 1 Oct. This year I found a travel website that said it was on the 19th (or 20th). I even tried searching in Thai and on the Chon Buri gov't websites wi
  4. How the **** was it thwarted by Customs if you are sailing from one Thai port to another, all in Thai territorial waters ? Customs shouldn't be involved at all. What next, Immigration queues on each side ?
  5. The "Woke" (or more accurately "Joke") generation seems to be limited primarily to North American, Caucasian populations. The rest of the world hasn't had their IQ dumbed down enough to participate in the ideas that the "Jokers" want to force on everyone.
  6. Going out on a limb and saying that he probably came from Macau which was a Portuguese colony for centuries (up until 1974). No different than all the Filipinos with Spanish names really. Or all the Englishmen with Indian names. The days of people in different countries only having "local" names ended oh, about 200+ years ago.
  7. Probably the highest in the last 3 years at least. I recall the 2 years before covid (2018/19) we had reduced water pressure and some outages because the rainy seasons didn't do much to fill the reservoirs. Not too many outages in the last part of 2020 as there wasn't as much demand on the system with no tourists and fewer people. Pressure still seems to be lower than before though. I remember going around Mabprachan last Dec/Jan, when it should have been almost full (from the 2020 rainy season), and noting how much "land" was visible and how we still had months to go before the (2021) ra
  8. Also in the article: "Also unfortunately for the driver, Good Samaritans followed her and blocked her attempt to flee with their vehicles not far from the scene. She was taken to the Pattaya City Police Station. She did not agree to give her name to police or reporters and was described as “uncooperative” by police, denying all charges at the time of the incident. She was described as a Thai woman roughly 25-30 years old." Apparently the police are looking into the restaurant she claims to have been drinking in as well as why she and the 2 on the motorbike were out during curfew. Nat
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