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  1. "Not just because it might be safer...." Might it be? Or might it not be? And safer from what? Catching a bug? Since when is everyone so scared of getting ill? You do know the numbers, right? You are, after all, more intelligent, aka "Smarter than the average bear." And this doesn't even figure how remote the chances of you even coming across enough SARS-CoV-2 to even land on the graph. (By the way, life expectancy in Thailand is just over 77 years of age...in case you were wondering.) But more power to you...I just hope all you vaccinated folks are double masking, since it's
  2. "Baan Talay Dao resort ... is insisting on double vaxxed customers only." I have two words for you, Baan Talay Dao Resort. One of them rhymes with "spew," and the other with "chuck," not necessarily in that order.
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