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  1. Hopefully, by early next week, the various ministries sing from the same song sheet. So frustrating and so little time left since I want to return in the first week of November. As I and others have found out, the COE application asks the applicant to choose either doing full quarantine or the Sandbox program. Nothing about quarantine exemption in the dropdown menu. So we can't even fill it out. And the COE is supposed to expire Nov., 1 except for those who are already approved. Wake up CAAT!
  2. Have a look at this head smacker from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand. It mentions in column 2, item 3. Certificate of Entry. Hasn't someone told the CAAT that Thailand Pass replaces the COE? Posted by Richard Barrow in the last couple of hours. Un-bloody-believable. https://twitter.com/RichardBarrow/status/1451885689490972672?s=20
  3. The translation and summary of the CCSA briefing Oct. 20 -- posted by Richard Barrow about 3 hours ago -- says absolutely nothing new. https://www.thainewsreports.com/2021/10/20/ccsa-english-briefing-on-wednesday-20th-october-2021/ Then Barrow just posted a fresh Thai PBS story quoting some fancy division within Dept of Disease Control: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/thailand-sets-out-seven-conditions-for-foreign-arrivals-without-quarantine/ Earlier someone posted something he got from a phone call to the Thai Embassy in London that s
  4. I forgot to mention, you should already have a dummy Thai ID from the first shot: 600000xxxxxxx (13 digits). It ought to be on your appointment card for your second shot. You need this to log into your with new Mor Prom app. The hospital will have that number already recorded with MoPH. If you don't have it, I'm afraid you'll have to email them with your vitals or visit them personally to get the ID.
  5. See WaveHunter's post on page 84 of this thread. You should get a printout of MoPH record of vaccinations just like his, after your waiting period. The form will have your passport number, dummy Thai ID, vaccine type and lot number. Also download the Mor Prom app and install it before your second shot. It's mostly in Thai but it will be updated after your second shot and contain your complete vax record.
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