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  1. As others said, 6 months is typical between second shot and booster. Though 5 months is now recommended e.g. in my home country. In doubt, one could get an antibody count blood test. About 1,000B, couple of hours. That would tell more precisely where one stands in terms of protection.
  2. Why can't we see Ceres by naked eye? Not sure it's worth answering, but here it is: Ceres has a diameter of almost 1,000km, as you say. Venus about 12,000km. That makes Venus about 150 times larger in area than Venus. Ceres is on average about 400 million km from the Sun, Venus about 100 million. That means Venus sees 16 times more intense sunlight. So, assuming they reflect sunlight the same way (they don't, Venus reflects more because it is shrouded in clouds with high albedo or reflecting power) Venus is already radiating 16x150 = about 2,500 times more li
  3. I wonder how they are going to check that. Count the bottles?
  4. Last two days we didn't use aircon, Only Fans. Will we be arrested?
  5. So, "intense screening" is actually the standard procedure. Thanks for wasting 2 minutes of my time.
  6. The room was 1,900 if you deduct 3,000 for PCR, for a hotel almost inside a major airport it's not much. I imagine all rooms were a bit old-fashioned without individual A/C setting, at least on the floor devoted to test&go. It was one night, not the end of the world. But I felt people should know.
  7. The more distance you accept from the airport, the more deals you will find. btw, interesting to read your experience with Qatar. I flew Emirates, it was packed and one of the legs I was on waitlist in business. I guess the World Expo in Dubai.
  8. Yes, both ways. And yes, they wait for you inside the airport with a sign. In my case, it was the typical 10-seat van, there were 2 of us so enough distancing.
  9. I just checked. My flight landed 12:05pm in BKK. One hour later I took the test at the hotel (yes, including TP check, immigration, luggage, transportation). The result is stamped 18:30pm, so less than 6 hours. However, they sat on it for 4 hours, the email reached me 10pm. Perhaps that was a glitch or one can make a request. As for Novotel: very close to airport, shuttle always running, about 5 minutes transfer time. They had two nurses stationed there, for Princ Hospital. Room very quiet (can't hear the planes), very large, showing its age but clean, cable TV and good WiFi, I didn't str
  10. Agree about mining. But many people who have bought bitcoins or other cryptos are not actually making transactions all the time, I for example do very few per year if at all. I am sure that the effort that Google puts in trying to track my every move uses more energy than that. And... what is Netflix?
  11. First. are you sure you want to book now for March? Before Omicron, they wanted to do away with the PCR test altogether. Who knows what the requirements will be in 3 months from now. Second, a lot depends on your arrival time and whether you stop in Bangkok or have a domestic connection. In principle, under the current PCR rules you don't actually have to spend the night but only need to wait until the negative result. I was ok at the Novotel Suvarnabhumi, 4900 incl transportation and test, which took place right away. If your intention is to move on asap, nothing can beat that.
  12. Now I see why it was difficult to find them, they were all disguised with Immigration uniforms.
  13. You mean half-Thai women. My only comment is that I see about 20 better looking girls everytime I take a stroll in the mall. Other than that, good luck to the lady and especially to the judges who will have the bad idea to vote her down.
  14. I beg to disagree. Dentists are way more expensive in Germany. To give perspective, a tooth cleaning used to cost me 150Eur (long time ago) when I now pay about 700B. Not only that, but it takes weeks for an appointment, when you are there you are treated like s**t, and finally you don't actually pay on the spot but they send you a 5-pages bill months later (which must be paid within few days) where they charged everything to the last piece of cottonwool. The best was about 50Eur of "oral counseling" when in fact we never exchanged a word. btw, this is true for all kind of doctors in Germa
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