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  1. Which ones, just out of interest…anyway have pink card etc. Played Summit today. Liked it… tomorrow no golf but intend to go back there on Saturday as told Mai jo rough is a bit high.. that is true?
  2. Per person Thanks for Arthitaya… will look see. Will probably not go to Tak now as look like they have ‘some extra water’ Just got back from Alpine, played B and C… OK but prefer Chiang Mai Highlands. The plus at Alpine was that the buggy could go on the fairway unlike CMH. Summit Green Valley tomorrow is plan. Yes paying Thai Resident prices.. Harapunchai is a possibility… tks
  3. My wife was told me a few minutes ago that Thai Air are advertising some cheap offers to the UK ... 18,000 economy and 84,000 Business if I remember correctly. Don't know anymore details but maybe worth a search. That is if you don't mind flying with them .................
  4. It is not difficult for your wife to sort out the registration herself. However in these times best to let the dealer go and queue at the LTO. As Seedy said the dealer can do it quite quickly but he doesn't want to due to financial considerations. Maybe get your wife to ask the dealer to speed things up. Ignore comments about not filling in the Brown Book as odds are you will be unlucky. Use a pencil and then you can easily and quickly update details. I have never been pulled up for driving after dark but have been stopped and asked to see the Brown Book sev
  5. For anyone who may want to have a few days golfing in Chiang Mai before, I guess, prices will rise on Nov 1st. We are up there for two weeks. BUT maybe not such a great idea as seems now that there is an outbreak of Cov19. Golf prices are all in pp and hotels prices include breakfast On the way up stopped the night in Phitsanulok at D11 800thb Went to Sirikit Dam as that is a nice course ... should have realised when only charged 700thb. What a mess the fairways and greens are ... gave up after seven holes. Caddy said many do the same!! So went to Chiang Mai Highl
  6. It looks like we have a problem with the left rear air spring. Any recommendation as to which dealer to use…tks. We are up here on holiday so not the best time for this to happen.
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