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  1. A troll post and reply removed. This is the health forum. Hopefully Sheryl will be along with her opinion.
  2. I’ve answered a survey along these lines before and our views haven’t changed. My wife lived with me in the UK for several years. She came to the conclusion that she didn’t want to get old there and I agreed that Thailand would be somewhat preferable. So we came here to live full time in 2007 and actually have never been back. Yes, I suppose we are a little fortunate that we have a house, a car, even a maid and under normal times can travel around and play golf as and when we wish. At other times we just stay home and do what old people do … we are 75/65. N
  3. Anybody watch the FCCThai discussion ... Thailands Vaccine Strategy What Went Wrong. If Mille got a 2000thb fine just for what she said ... one of the guys in that discussion might meet his maker. Some very strong opinions ... definitely worth a watch.
  4. And now, some woman, wants to press charges against various personalities who have suggested that maybe this governments performance has been a little inept….
  5. If it looks like that offer maybe like the bathwater…down the plug hole … very unfortunate … huge panic in many areas now…
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