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  1. 20 % of zero... it's a big number indeed It's sad to see those grownup people to continue to dream like children.... Pathetic.
  2. Indeed. These thai doctors are maniacs. Source : https://pmj.bmj.com/content/97/1148/400
  3. The association can meet and fantasize as much as it wants... The fact is quarantine will remain for vaccinated tourists ! That's the lastest "CCSA proposal", from sub committee etc. Source : National News Bureau of Thailand https://www.facebook.com/130075662049/posts/10158267604717050/ The high season is already dead "on arrival". One more time. Airlines companies understood it recently. The hotels still live in hope-lalaland.
  4. No. Zero chance. Singapore had the same language... several months ago... And now they "plunge" again into the delirium (work from home, schools online etc.) because of "new cases" (asymptomatic most of them). Source : https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/work-from-home-to-be-the-default-for-a-month-from-sept-27-moh And despite the fact that their population is massively vaccinated. The question is very simple. You are a governor of a small province. Then you learn that a few cases have been found in a factory, in a school, on a ma
  5. But... but... they told us that it was perfectly safe ? And with a very clear "risks/benefits balance"... August 25 : "Thailand urges pregnant women to get vaccinated, cites higher risks" Source : https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/thailand-urges-pregnant-women-get-vaccinated-cites-higher-risks-2021-08-25/ September 13 : "Thailand begins mass vaccination of pregnant women" Source : https://www.thaipbsworld.com/thailand-begins-mass-vaccination-of-pregnant-women/ Having second thoughts now ?
  6. Recombination is the real issue there, more than mutations. Coronaviruses are very good at recombination. This ability to "exchange" genetic material with another... virus. Source : https://journals.asm.org/doi/10.1128/JVI.01394-09
  7. Welcome to the surprising and amazing world of "Covid"... more a geopolitical matter rather than a "health" issue... You were warned. And to be fair, it's global. China for instance doesn't recognize... Pfizer ! A chinese private company made a deal with Pfizer to import their product... Guess what.... Several months later.... the chinese authorities haven't moved a finger to approve the deal... Source : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-08-27/china-misses-target-on-biontech-pfizer-shot-raising-questions
  8. Actually, it's quite the opposite. The local authorities are systematically overdoing it... Plus virtue signalling and the obsession to be seen in a good light by central gvt and Bangkok... However... and as usual in Thailand, speeches, "orders" signed by governors every week (they do love their paperwork, do they ?) and the reality on the ground.... are totally different. Experiences show that you can travel from Bangkok to Korat, or to Chiang Mai.... without any problem, or police control. Experiences show that you can travel from Bangkok to... Kra
  9. The scenario is now very clear : small changes, but nowhere the so called "grand reopening". 10 days quarantine for unvaccinated visitors and 7 days for vaccinated visitors... equal to = no tourists at all. It will only be beneficial for... expats (like ASQ and the so called Phuket Sandbox scheme). We are going to save 4 days. Great. The suicide continues, unabated. It's fascinating, from an intellectual point of view. But of course, it's tragic for millions of thai people.
  10. The nightmare continues : "favorable safety profile" ? For children 5 years old ? How many months lasted those "trials" ? It's probably safe now. But in 5 years ? In 10 years ? Especially with young children who are still growing up ? The truth is as burning as the collective hallucination that is forced upon us : WE DO NOT KNOW. mRNA products are new. They have never been used on such large scale in such short period of time. And we do not know what are their long term effects. Anyone, especially commercial companies, who says "I kno
  11. Lying ? I just confront the facts with the speeches. You have decided to believe only the speeches, good for you. To say "we have to live with Covid" must be matched with acts and facts. To close anything (a restaurant there, a police station in CM, a factory, a boarding school, etc.) because a few cases can be detected among vaccinated people (who are not sick, most of them) is not "learning how to live with Covid". To keep borders closed is not "learning how to live with Covid". To keep preventing the population to earn a living, to work, to le
  12. Oh what a shame. And what a total -bad- surprise... Mai pen rai... A third dose will do the trick. Or not. Then, a fourth etc. More seriously... It's not the fact that fully vaccinated (ah ah ah ah) people catch the viruse... In the Covid world, it's perfectly normal, as they say... What is striking is... the closing of the restaurant. It shows exactly what will happen in Asia and around the world. The madness of Zero Covid Case ideology.
  13. For once, I totally agree with the "thainess"... Such law WOULD BE OBVIOUSLY high treason ! As soon it would be implemented, it would be twisted and perverted, and basically China would buy out thai land. All of it. That is a sure 150 %. So no. Never. How crazy it sounds, from a westerner, land ownership should be only allowed to thai nationals. Period. The chinese pressure is already so high, so strong on all South East-Asia... To just open the door to land ownership and it will be the end.
  14. It's only a competition in Asia... And then, they will all look stupid : "I won ! 356 %, more or less, of my population is vaccinated, but mai ko chai we still haves cases".
  15. Cool. They're going to find many "new cases" ("85% of new infections being asymptomatic"). Perfect timing for the all the "reopen" campaigns. Of course, only a few will ask this question : how come ? Phuket has a very high vaccination rate... and has even started the third dose ! ("66,383 people in Phuket had received their third-dose ‘booster’ shot").
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