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  1. Riding back from KMK to Patty yesty on the mighty Lifan. Kinda gawking around didn't notice [until too late] a comm cable dangling down over highway. Cable looped around the right mirror & yanked. Luckily pap was not thrown down but the mirror was pulled from stem. The brake assembly was yanked back about 45º. Rode on to my mech shop and they installed new Honda Wave mirror B120. Dodged the bullet again.
  2. When I'm looking for misinformation I seek out CNN, MSNBC, &c.
  3. KMK Trails are in bad shape. Worst in the 5 years of riding there. Rains have gulled many spots pretty bad, & some downfalls. Have been riding only EZ trails for a while. Last Fri., went to ride Climber and noticed a broken brake line -from rear res to master cylinder. It took the shop a few day to get parts & get her fitted back together. [30-y/o system.] OK now. B550. Today dropped her off to have new neoprene front-fork gators installed. Old ones are ragged. It’s a dirty world.
  4. papa acquired a trials type motorcycle about a month back. These bikes are best for going slowly over difficult terrain. The bikes are ridden standing on the pegs. Quite a challenge for an age-challenged biker. Exercise and fun are the goals. Been riding on the undeveloped parcel behind the condo. Dumped piles of dirt and concrete provide the problems. The bike, a 142cc 2T is working well, since set-up & sorted for my needs. papa actually attended a FIM trials training camp in Chiangmai weeks ago. Instructor was a 10-year veteran of world competition. English-fluent Spanish ho
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