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  1. These self created incidents by the authorities do more damage to the fragile image of Thailand.
  2. Announcements heralding the digital age will be printed on paper and sent to those who will ignore it and continue as usual.
  3. Panic and hysteria mongering are often the tools of control as evidenced by recent history. For a virus with an extremely low fatality rate, it appears that there is more to this story which is not appearing in mainstream media.
  4. Those who manufacture alarm bells, are often the same ones who benefit from such an industry. Follow the money and the accompaning lust for power. The public welfare has little to do with this mess.
  5. Reminds me of the weather. Subject to change based on who is reporting it and their temperment at the time.
  6. I can only reflect on the crazy driving by many delivery drivers in Pattaya. The absence of any mobile, traffic enforcement and the lack of consequence for illegal driving, is a contributing factor in this mess.
  7. More media generated hysteria with predictions of doom and gloom from any mourh willing to move.
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