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  1. Well it's a lot better than any other exchange rate available to me. I can't speak for others. 70satang makes a big difference on £5000. 3,500 baht, to be exact. Enough for a beer or two.
  2. I do not believe judges here are accountable for their decisions, to anyone.
  3. I can not agree. I recently did a transfer from UK bank (in £) - Wize - my Thai bank (in baht ) . From UK bank to SCB, including email /app / SMS notifications, was less than 10 minutes...even though Wise said could be up to 2 days! And rates were fantastic!
  4. Without wanting to go into brands, types, etc., why have a 50/50 split? Try something like 35/65. Winter use 35 when needed, mostly use 65, hot season use both. Target the airflow to where it is needed most.
  5. I consider myself one of the worlds' less heavy pilots, at 70kg, so won't think about one of these!
  6. So, is it possible to apply for a CoE from the Embassy of the country to which you are going, before you have even got there? e.g. for a day/3day/1week trip on business to Singapore? (Never mind the other questions like are there flights or what do the SGs think/want/do)
  7. Your choices miss the obvious! Had first AZ, next AZ due 27 Oct. FOC!
  8. "Any business owner with at least 2 functioning brain cells"......Aye, there's the rub, for in the truth of TIT, theres damn few and they're a' deid. (To paraphrase a couple of quite well known poets).
  9. Ok for him to talk. He's got a submarine on order.
  10. So, as a State employee, if I torture and murder someone, I get 25 years and or a ½m fine. As private citizen, 500bt and a Wai.
  11. If you have to ask these questions, I strongly recommend you do not DIY! Find and/or pay someone at least knowledgeable and experienced, and preferably qualified.
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