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  1. When I lived in Rhodesia, we lived a little bit out of town. Our phone was on a party line with 20, yes twenty, subscribers. Each subscribers jade a coded ring - ours was ten short and two long. To call the exchange, one cranked the handle, one long ring. To call a neighbour on the same party line, one had to crank their code ring. An international call had to be booked days in advance, and cost 10 pounds per minute! TV was monochrome, and only broadcast for a small number of hours per day... 18:00 to 22:00 as far as I remember. Left the country at the end of 1979.
  2. Lots of horizontal jogging will not only keep you fitter, slimmer and younger, but it will keep the wife quiet(ish) . Always provided, of course, that you restrict the activity to "home turf "! Or are very very careful not to be found out.
  3. That by the time you have got here, they will have found twenty new ways to shaft you.
  4. Truly, not a grammar police post! I love the rodent reference. I know the keys are next to each other, and spellcheck ducks.
  5. Judicial process as entertainment for the masses. Bring on Madame Guillotine and les Tricoteuse.
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