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  1. Suggest they start small, aim to be the Pub of Railways first. Oh wait, pubs aren't open.
  2. Was 12 degrees on my porch early this morning in Nakhon Phanom. Nice to have cool weather again!
  3. If 20 degrees leaves anyone shivering, I'd suggest checking for malaria.
  4. Sounds like a great trip and I hope you'll post whatever information you find here, as well. I'll certainly follow it. The ferry might be touch and go, hard to tell for now.
  5. Likewise, for fun. I do drive a car but it is decidedly non mammalian.
  6. I'd rather ride a bicycle than drive something called a "Good Cat".
  7. Going by the judgement against Pakistan for a copper/gold mine being developed by an Australian company, similarly for treaty violation, Thailand might be in for a very nasty surprise, indeed. These treaties have protection of investment clauses that can protect future earnings, as well.
  8. Let's carry that logic a step further: the majority of Thai people do not pay taxes and don't want taxes...
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