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  1. No. They were almost 100% certainty doing pool mining and after a solution is finished it's uploaded to the pool so at most, they'd lose a few hours of work. Plus the $800,000 USD worth of equipment that burned up of course.
  2. They were mining cryptocurrency. They are, or were, ASIC machines, computers that are hardwired to do one thing and one thing only; solve one specific calculation.
  3. I ran over a dozen ASIC "Bitcoin" miners a couple years ago. I stopped when the "difficulty" level went up and the price of Bitcoin when down. Depending on which ASIC machine you have, and what price BTC is at, it's still possible but make a decent profit. The BitMain S19 Pro is currently earning $29 a day. After paying $10 a day for energy the profit is $19 per day, per machine. 17,000 THB a month for monitoring the devices and restarting them or resetting cables if a board stop hashing. If BTC goes up 33%, like to where it was a few weeks ago, profit goes up because the energy cost rem
  4. Unless you live in some incredibly remote part of the country it seems unlikely there's no ISP's that can provide you service. You've contacted True, AIS, 3BB, TOT, CAT and KSC and they all said "no"?
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