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  1. That's just UK security checks, get these all the time now when buying online, even had one for a £10.99 transaction ...
  2. Yeah, I'm aware of the checks but not the limit amounts. I'll send some money over 50k and see what Wise says.
  3. I've heard a few friends are being limited to transfer limits of 49,999.99 baht per transaction when sending money to Thailand due to new anti-fraud regulations. Does anyone know if this is true ?
  4. When did Thailand ever give out inaccurate information.....
  5. The vaccine does not stop you from contracting Covid and passing it on nor does it stop you from being seriously ill or dying. What it DOES do is signicantly reduce your risk of all the above. No vaccine is foolproof
  6. I drink in the same bar in Soi Honey while I am in Pattaya. Mrs Chelseafan is a good friend of the bar owner so she gets to natter while I watch the world go by. I like the fact that each night can be totally random, some nights are quiet, others are manic but most of all, I enjoy people watching, I've met some good friends over the years (I've also met some idiots). Having said all that, my days of spending all my vaction time bar hopping in Pattya are long gone and what I enjoy even more is spending time with her family in the jungles of Korat. Probably a sign I'm getting old
  7. Probably at the same place that polled 54% of Thais have never watched porn..
  8. *Beautiful woman/man with clipboard conducting survey* "Excuse me sir/madam, do you watch pornography?" Embarrased : "Err, No of course not" 100% strike rate.
  9. Of course they are trying to rebrand Pattaya but why ? My point is that there are plenty of other places to visit in Thailand. Why don't they "upgrade" Bang Saen or Rayong ? Whats so special about Pattaya other than the "sex tourist" connection. Pattaya is a dump. The beach is awful, it suffers from constant flooding (despite numerous attempts to fix it) and suffers corruption at the higest level - its just not a very nice place to visit. They can rebrand it as much as they want, they can remove the prostitution, bars and night life but it still won't atttract the high-end tourist
  10. If I wanted Culture, cuisine and heritgae in Thailand, I'd head to Chiang Mai or Bangkok with there numerous Wats, street food markets and long history. Pattaya offers none of that which is why its pretty unique. Kill Pattaya and you kill a lot of tourism. Love it or hate it, its a magnetic draw for all types. We'll agree to disagree on this one.
  11. He was being sarcastic about Thailand I think But on that note Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Turkey and USA also have monopolies I think the
  12. I hope they don't. Pattaya is a golden goose for the the pseudo-puritans in power and while they appreciate its worth they see it as a blight on their landscape. There are thousands of place like Penang but very few in the world like Pattaya.
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