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  1. Thanks but what about the rest of the question / health ins
  2. If I return to Thailand next year with a re-entry permit on retirement extension , which is valid till next September , buy just a 2 week health insurance policy , I will be stamped in for the 2 weeks only ? will have to show an exit flight ticket ? can throw away the exit ticket and continue to stay in Thailand legally till the end of my extension ? If that is the case do you have links to throw away tickets ? Finally is the 30 day v.o.a. still available ?
  3. Is the Pfizer vaccine available privately in Thailand at the moment ? ( wanting a booster jab )
  4. Indeed , not a good time to be a tourist , could be very expensive if locked out of your home country with ever changing covid rules .
  5. ok if he still has the 800k in the bank otherwise a possible drawn out affair with an agent ? Also a return flight ticket UK to Thailand to UK ?
  6. Property prices will soar in the next few years in Pattaya's new Riviera .
  7. This is a breaking news story and many readers may not be aware of the seriousness of this new South African variant that is already beginning to isolate parts of Africa and also denying their flights to a progressive list of countries . Gonna take up to 3 weeks to find out if the current vaccines will give some sort of immunity , however vaccine manufacturers are saying they may well have to tweak their formulas to meet the new mutation . In the meantime if you have a booster jab pending you are being urged to take it asap as it will treble your protection according to Americas chief medic
  8. Old rice and/or re-cooked rice can be dangerous to eat if left at room temperature for more than 2 hours after cooking . I have seen street vendors and small shops just leave the unsold rice in a pot for the next day meals . Google will give you good advice on this . Thai folks may get away with it as they have stronger stomachs but for us farang with a weaker immune system it is a main cause of food poisoning within Asea . Sorry to digress from the main thread . Stay safe
  9. Had your brother received his covid jabs and booster prior to his flight ? Was he directed to a particular site in the UK for his pcr test and at what cost / his cost or free ? Before I wrote this reply I had been reading the BBC world news . There are major concerns about a new covid variant coming from South Africa and the UK medics are saying it is highly infectious . 6 countries from Africa now put on the red list and numerous flights cancelled . So there may well be another series of lockdowns to come and airline bookings could once again be a gamble . It appears that concentrating
  10. Hold breath ? yes same for me many times when having MRI stress test on my heart , thanks
  11. Phew , didn't know that and I wish I knew it before having the contrast when having the MRA on my carotid arteries . Just one question Sheryl , the MRA and contrast , I felt the tourniquet and then the needle but that is all . When I had contrast / hormone in my heart for a stress test in the UK , I felt a warming sensation but this time I felt nothing . After the scan I was told to drink plenty of water to flush the contrast from my kidneys , which I did , but I did not see any colouration from my urine . Is this normal ?
  12. Pattaya must be hot favourite for a casino and has probably already been factored into its redevelopment . It is a better location than Hua Hin , being easily reached in an hour or so from Bangkok , or could even see its own airport included in the Pattaya refurb . I can understand the plea from MP Olssen cos there are big bucks to be made for the benefit of the locals . I believe the casino will get the go ahead as a one off and a guinea pig . If a success others will follow . Welcome to the 21st century Thailand . To mitigate the fears of local Thais being allowed in to gamble , admission
  13. Just a quick update . I attended the clinic below and had 2 MRI and 1 MRA . The first 2 MRI were on lumbar and also cervical , 3rd was MRA on my carotid arteries . Inside scanner for 1 hour 30 minutes for first 2 , taken out briefly for 1 minute or so to have contrast injection set up , then back in for another 30 minutes MRA . Not a particularly pleasant experience but \i knew what to expect as I have had MRI scans before , secret is to be relaxed and self hypnotic . The staff were very helpful and totally professional . I would not hesitate to use them again . Total cost including contrast w
  14. I digress slightly , I was in Bangkok 2 days ago , Agoda showed my selected hotel to have a restaurant , breakfast and bar . After settling in my room I went down for some food and a beer . " Sorry sir " when I asked where is the restaurant and bar " no have " . Agoda advertises theses hotels with their facilities that they no longer provide and that really pxxxxd me off at 8 00 pm . I was told to take a 10 minute walk to a 7--11 and made do with a burger and 2 cans of beer . So it really pays to call the hotel to check on their latest status , I was caught once and will not happen aga
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