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  1. We are trying to get a kitchen installed in a new build so went to Boonthavorn in Phitsanulok with photos measurements etc and approximate layout. Two weeks later had not heard from them so went there this morning. The design guy had not even looked at what was given to him, too busy. So we went to the Kitzcho showroom and while their choice of materials was not extensive or as good as Boonthavorn am tempted to give them a go. If anyone has used them a report would be appreciated (PM if scared of libel laws) as they also sell through Homepro.
  2. If you do not mind loosing buyers, no problem, except you do not get the money in your pocket as soon as you should. There are not hundreds of buyers out there unless it is a give-away.
  3. Just let it be known that it is for sale in the village. Nearly everyone there will think they are real estate agents and want the 3% commission. There is one problem with this method that some of them will quote a a price to purchasers above what you ask for and then pocket the difference + the 3%.
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