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  1. Larrakeyah is a whole suburb of American personnel. As for Derby the contract to build 1000 house for them might not have gone ahead. Nothing on Google Earth unless it has been blanked out.
  2. Not really a surprise. The Oz media have been promoting the anti China stuff for quite a while.
  3. Correct. After doing 14 days in Bangkok quarantine the person is now doing 14 days home quarantine.
  4. So you have not been to Darwin in the NT or Derby in WA, as well as the upgrading of airports for the war machines. Apart from that the subs wont be supplied for at least 10 years. Probably longer if the F-35 is any guide.
  5. The tourists started to come here again last weekend. The crazy thing is they can come and go, from a dark red zone, but a local returning from UK has to do 14 day home quarantine.
  6. But you can tell the forum all about how useless, uneducated they are.
  7. It is a direction of the Provincial Governor. The puu yai just carries out the orders, unless you do it differently in the city.
  8. I have needed a cataract operation but was caught out by the red zone after arranging the operation in another province now in red. I can wait so hopefully you can too.
  9. If the OP is returning to Phetchabun he need to read the other topic on it. 2+2 weeks quarantine.
  10. Similar situation to the OP in our Phetchabun village with a Thai national returning from UK. Quarantine in house for 2 weeks after doing ASQ in Bangkok on return from UK. The nearest known infections are 10km away in an ethnic village.
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