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  1. What is the downside of telling the landlord? How will they know you moved out? My feeling would be hurt if my tenant didn't even let me know he was leaving and I found out when a neighbor called about the smell form the milk he forgot on the counter. As for the poster stating landlords here always find problems and expect you to pay. Been here for 20 years and that has never happened. Strange how some always have issues with everything. Just treat the landlord how you would expect to be treated.
  2. I wish my tenants were this cool. A couple post here on TV and constantly touting their strong moral foundation and bad mouthing Thais for there lack of honesty. Usually what happens is they call and tell you they will be moving out next month and therefore they won't be paying next months rent because the deposit will cover it. Two choices at that point. Explain to them how deposits work which they already completely understand or let them know that will be just fine and ask them if they need help with the move. I choose the latter and good riddance.
  3. Looking for love in all the wrong places. Why do be have to be so mean - lol
  4. Understood but I can also understand the OP response. He is taking a large risk but it is his risk so who am I to judge. The thief being slapped around is justified and IMO restrained. I've been involved in some ugly altercations ( ages ago ) and never was satisfied with the outcome. Both parties usually loose in some manner. The OP seems to grasp this now and feels remorse. If he didn't feel remorse I would also not condemn him. His story does seem a little far fetched but could very well be completely true.
  5. Criminal checks would not be a bad idea. Too many violent foreighners here that I have been unlucky enough to meet. Been years since I went to bars regularly so this might have changed. As for the OP. I understand your dislike of violence. What would you do if someone broke into your home? Then ask yourself what you would do if they did it the next night. I would not do what the OP did because the risk of injury or death is too high. I would light up the shop, get better locks or pull down metal doors, make it obvious someone is home, let the neighbors know...
  6. They were cracking down on it in the area. Too many people and not enough places to <deleted> caused problems. The solution was to make an example out of people. Also, it was the not categorized as pissing in public. It was a sexual offense until it was reclassified years later.
  7. All misdemeanors except this pissing in public. That disappeared from my record after a couple years. Something with it being a sexual offence but the courts corrected the classification. I wish I would have been better behaved during the J walking but the others were never a concern. If the police didn't have horses, a police officer wasn't in the same dark alley as me ( he was probably pissing also ), and I calmly took the J walking ticket, I would have experienced no jail time.
  8. Arrested on the spot. Almost in the spot in the case of the portajohn. Thought I could outrun a couple of police on horseback. That lasted about a minute and scared the <deleted> out of me. Never ran next to a horse - dam intimidating. I remember the police laughing - we could hear my friend screaming as they rocked the portajohn back and forth to get it on its side so he could get out Tumbling around in the muck must have been terrible.
  9. My three: Pissing in public, J walking ( slightly intoxicated and a bad attitude ), and tipping over a portajohn while my friend (not now) was in it. Never had to use my fists like the OP while in jail. Not too hard and the only one I'm ashamed of is the J Walking with a bad attitude.
  10. Migrant construction work Vs Stealing Vs Swallowing the barrel of a gun. Option 3 I think. Hell can't be all that bad of a place. Has to be less hot than up on scaffolding in Bangkok.
  11. Nocturnal? Get your point though. Good chance you would have a general idea of the size but adjusting to inputs when adrenaline is flowing is not that easy for most.
  12. You did nothing wrong! Somebody broke into your shop. What were your options? Tell the police to do a drive by throughout the night? I'm surprised he showed up again and why you expected him to but sure you had your reasons. What I find odd is how much thrill some get in bashing you when they really have zero clue of what went down with the exception of what you told them.
  13. Agreed, it will get worse in Thailand compared to developed nations IMO. The developed nations had more incentive and also access to vaccines. Not to dismiss Thailand's deaths but they are not increasing at a rate that even comes close to what most developed nations went through. The slow rise in the death numbers Thailand is experiencing is a good sign. More restrictions will be placed if the numbers continue to rise which is probably the most likely outcome. Many Thais have suffered immensely but it looks like their suffering is going to be prolonged. Sucks but what can you
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