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  1. Hi Jim,

    we are in pretty much the same situation, and have been for some years. Have house here and back there, and do not want to go the settlement route. We have had 3 Visitors visa granted (in 4 years, 1 year off for house build.)

    We have found it works to apply at the same time every year exactly to comply with this 6 months rule. It means some separation time for us but then we do get the visa. I do not use agents and always provide a full application as if it was the first time each time. I include itinerary , letters from family members expressing the wish to see their in-law again, wifes' ability to support herself, (x £££'s for Y months, I usually use 1k per month.)

    Reason to return: property here and family ties in Thailand and I express clearly that we do not want to go the settlement route but spend time in each country until I am fully retired.

    VFS now tell my wife not to provide such a full folder of documentation as we "will get visa for sure" . I say nonsense, they are just an agency and it is the clearance officer at the embassy who decides and a well laid out folder with every base covered, a covering letter from me, the sponsor, and keeping the 6 month rule, however much it inconveniences us, seems to work.

    On a lighter note it means the Mrs is in the UK from June onwards most years, so the cold is not a factor until October/November. We also forget to ask them to forward date the visa to the date we actually want her to travel, so when we get the passport back from VFS, the visa is already running and we lose a couple of weeks. I will try to do that right if they let us next time.

    Good luck,


    edit: spelling

    Hi PP, You seem to understand my situation perfectly. The difference being is that I am retired and I live with my wife all of the time. Its just that we want to spend some time at our homes in Thailand (7 months) and England (5 months). I have married my lady in the village but not done the legal part yet. Now I know the "rule" about maximum 6 months in the UK, I will structure our applications more accurately. This will be once a year like you but for 5 months just to give us a little leeway. As my wife's visa was refused last week due to the 6 month rule I have had to come back to the UK alone for a week to be with my son on his STAG party. Heading back to Thailand Monday and stay with my wife for the next 2 months until hopefully the 6 month conditions will be met. We only intend to ask for a stay of 3.5 months, this should get us back on track. Thanks for all the comments and understanding



  2. Thanks Jim,

    I know it's not nice but I do feel slightly better knowing it's a problem for everyone.......glad yours got sorted.

    Could your wife collect the visa there and then?

    We will head down there tomorrow and see whats happening.

    Cheers again for letting us know whats going on

    Yes the documents had been there for over a week they did not let us know. I think you will find yours are there but they will only let the applicant go up to the visa floor.

    Best of luck


  3. Yes, your calculations seem correct, but your agent should have advised you that a visit visa is just that, for somebody intending to visit the UK for a holiday, I really don't know if a later application would succeed.

    The ECO could be forgiven for thinking that your girlfriend was intending to use the visitor route to circumnavigate the settlement route. Four months is one heck of a long holiday.

    The trouble is that there doesn't seem to be a visa suitable for those who intend spending half of the year in the UK and the other half in Thailand.

    Thanks for the reply. You have summed up perfectly my situation. I am retired I want to be able to live with my wife when and where I want. Now I know that is not possible due to visa limitations.

    As I have a house in the UK and Thailand and I have retired early. I am hoping to spend 7 months in Thailand on my Retirement visa and 5 months in the UK with my wife. I am not trying to circumvent the Settlement route because we don't want to live in the UK permanently. In the above criteria my wife would not qualify for one anyway.

    As you said there is no visa suitable for those who intend spending half of the year in the UK and the other half in Thailand. In our next application I will somehow have to make it clear in my sponsors letter and apologise for unknowingly appearing to try and break the rules.



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  4. Maybe I didn't explain correctly.

    We were in the UK from 17/9/13 - 14/01/14 (4 months). We have been in Thailand since then. On 10/4/14 we applied to go to UK again for 4 months. The refusal stated that if they granted the visa then my wife would have een in the UK for 8 months out of 12. I was not aware that it was limited to 6 months in a rolling 12 month period.

    So following on from this logic if we apply after 14/07/14 and ask for 4 month in the UK i.e from 14/7/14 to 14/11/14 then my wife would only have spent 6 months in the UK on a rolling 12 month basis. 14/11/13 to 14/01/14 (2 months part of last visit) and 14/7/17 to 14/11/14 (4 months).

    So from 14/11/13 to 14/11/14 she would have spent 6 months in the UK.

    theoldgit, does this make sense I think I am right and that the advise my agent gave me was correct. If you disagree I,d like your thoughts on why



  5. Brett

    The whole system is in chaos at the moment. My wife applied on 10th April and got the same responses when contacting the new VFS premium call and e mail service as you did. They are based in the UK and only have a computer screen to look up. My wife went to the VFS office in Bangkok last Monday and found the application had been back since 3rd May. On speaking to other girls there were many in the same situation. Suggest your only option is to get your wife to do the same.

    Best of luck


  6. Hi guys thanks for your support. My lady went to VFS at Trendy building and was allowed in. Her application was ready even though we received no notification e mail. Her visa was refused on the basis that she has not allowed enough time to elapse I e stayed in Thailand 6 months before applying again. We allowed only 4 months, we wanted to visit the UK for 4 months and then back to Thailand for 7 months, I have a house in both countries. Today I am travelling back to the UK alone as I have to go to Germany for my sons Stag party on Friday, I managed to cancel my ladies flight for a £25 cost. Booked to come back to Thailand on Monday, expensive refusal this one. Today I spoke to Darren in Key Visa and was advised to apply in Mid July when 6 months has elapsed.

    Two things though has really made me angry. (1) The application was returned with many missing papers. My bank staements, copies of passport and copy of my house council tax were all missing. (2) The reason for refusal stated "as you have stayed in the UK for 5 months already". This was totally wrong as we only stayed 4 months. I don't think it affected the outcome but they should get there facts right.

  7. My lady been waiting since 10 April and still no e mail this is only for a visit visa. Yes many holidays but the time its taking is frustrating. She is going to Bangkok tomorrow to try and find out what the delay is. We are due to fly back to the UK together on Tuesday.

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  8. Longballlary

    I think there must be delays in the decision process due to the Songkran holidays.

    My lady applied for her 2nd Visit visa on 10ith April and on 16th April she received the same 2 e mails that you did. It is now 30th April and we are still awaiting the decision. Last time she was granted the visa in 2 weeks.

    Now I am getting concerned, I have booked flights for us both for May 13th, I have to be back the UK by the 16th for my sons Stag do in Munich. The same as you I contacted them by e mail but just got the standard reply, they are not even based in Thailand.

    A concerned man

    Keep you posted

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