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  1. Richard, once again you make too much sense so for sure you do not make very good Thai politician material. I sure do hope that Thailand really does want tourists to return, and eventually will drop the need for some special COVID insurance which is just more money a tourist has to pay beyond the regular insurance costs we pay in our own countries, to travel abroad. Why is the Thailand pass or COE needed as well just more nonsense from the great PM and gang. Geezer
  2. So this guy jumps out of a police car and injures himself, hmm, and that is the police fault? Arrested for drug trafficking, sounds like a good reason for being arrested to me. Geezer
  3. Yes the cool WET season starts next week. I hope December becomes the cool drier season. Geezer
  4. Sorry Russia, vaccinate, vaccinate, For now enjoy the 7 days ion Phuket first.. I hope my old friend will be able to go in December or January, but he will not pay for an extra special COVID insurance on top of the regular insurance that he pays for, so for now his plans are up in the air. Geezer
  5. Get rid of the special COVID insurance, and many people may suddenly be a bit more interested. I am glad that I can go to my destination, and pay 500 baht for a negative test result. 555 After all this is Thailand, right? Geezer
  6. Yes the virus is so strong, that if you are a senior, a booster 6 months after your 2nd shot is recommended as because of your old age, your immunities may need more help. The joy of getting old. Geezer
  7. Good News. My friend says that Canada and Australia are now on the good list from Thailand, and can arrive to no quarantines, except maybe that one night in Bangkok. Which is a great song by the way. Geezer
  8. Hey Poorsucker, I caught your humor, the bars have been closed a long time due to COVID. 5555, thanks for the chuckle. Geezer
  9. Mr. smedly, the answer is it is rotten top to bottom and to the core. Totally rotten. I am just glad that there was that video that we got to see some still pictures etc, from. Geezer
  10. Thailand is headed for temperatures only in the mid to high 20s, brrrs. chilly. It is only 5c, where iI live, this morning. Geezer
  11. RIP to the loan shark. I guess his newest wife will have the property, and what ever money that is not locked away in a bank. All of the other people who had loans with this fella, must be relieved that their loans are now finished as well. Geezer
  12. Maybe the regulars people in Lampang, only drive pickups, trikes, and motorbikes, oh and do some still have those horse and carriages yet? Wow I thought those Mini coopers were more stable than that. Geezer
  13. The Thai government is still stumbling along after all the time they have been in power. This is really pathetic, but of course they have all the skills do they not? Good Luck Thailand, maybe next year will be better and when all the restrictions get lifted some tourists may show up. Geezer
  14. Keep trying Thai government. You just keep shuffling the same old restrictions, to fool travelers into thinking that things are easier when they are not. Good Luck next year. Geezer
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