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  1. Good points Mike. I would agree with many. Problem is the rest of the world is probably equally screwed up. However, I see two options under consideration Turkey and Mexico. The ruling class here are terrible people only offset by the goodness I see in many real Thais.
  2. I think many here if given the chance would currently volunteer to colonize another planet as this one is so screwed up. It should be abundantly clear that the system is broken that the wrong people have been governing this planet for far too long.
  3. I generally keep some ciprofloxacin around and pop one if I suspect a case of food poisoning but try to get it in the early stages unless it is more sever than you will need more cipro and a week or more of cipro can temp weaken your muscles resulting in a possible tear if you are active.
  4. Ironic thing is if Thaksin did return so many who criticized him would now be happy to see him.
  5. Unfortunately for many ignorance is bliss. It is far easier to not think about things then to accept an uncertain reality and as Mark Twain explained it is always easier to be conned than to admit to being conned.
  6. really so all the "experts" that have studied the longevity of the virus on many surfaces are all wrong? do you apply alcohol to your hands when you enter an establishment or return home? i am not talking about masks but is quite evident that this coronavirus and others such as common flues can be transmitted by touch...
  7. even the Thais get scammed if they had your money they would be further scammed.... one needs only to look at how they scam poor thais in these difficult times by illegally charging 2 or 3 times the current govt electric rate per kw and what does the govt do they allow it and then say the people are getting a break with a 20 percent reduction in electric bill or similar... a 20 percent reduction from a triple inflated bill for many poor thais... what a country
  8. yeah but this fits their narrative quite well of nasty foreigners (non Chinese) bringing in the virus...
  9. so what happened to transfering the virus from surfaces etc.? you could wear five masks and just have to touch a 20 baht bill from a shop or elsewhere and get the virus? or have they now reversed this? then why the alcohol? ... seems the story keeps changing...
  10. probably be better to be drunk then you can always say I was drunk lol
  11. coconut oil is a very healthy cooking oil if you must fry however it is not commonly used here but the unhealthy palm oil is cause its way cheaper
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