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  1. Rimmer


    A misleading post and replies have been removed
  2. A post in German language has been removed. This is an English only forum posting in any other language is trolling.
  3. Already discussed HERE, your header is also incorrect, please do not post incorrect or misleading information. Thank you. //CLOSED//
  4. Off topic posts trying to hijack the topic with discussion of UK job opportunities and Gordon Brown have been removed, also a personal attack, all been removed
  5. A grammar police post has been removed: 3. If possible please proofread your post first, poor grammar and spelling can make the post difficult to understand. However be aware that not every member is a native English speaker and excessive posts regarding others spelling and grammar not only hijacks the topic but is poor netiquette.
  6. A post in Spanish has been removed, you know full well this is trolling so don't do it
  7. Multiple off topic bickering posts and replies removed, topic is about: Are you still able to live comfortably?
  8. Multiple misleading posts and replies have been removed
  9. Off topic and other stuff removed topic is about Thailand and Unvaxxed Entry
  10. A totally misleading and libelous post has been removed
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