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  1. Rimmer


    Troll post removed
  2. We just cut down over thirty foxtails they are even worse than coconuts as they have many finger roots spreading out where as a coconut has more of a ball root system. Cut off at ground level with a chainsaw if you don' t have one find someone locally, if done close enough to the ground you can run the mower over it without harm to the blades. Or cut off close to the ground and use a carpenters chisel hole saw in a power drill to put down a lot of one inch holes, fill the holes with salt, the root will die after six months or so. Or cut off close to the gro
  3. A post with an altered quote that altered the meaning has been removed
  4. A misleading post has been removed, please take note of the following: UPDATED NOTICE TO MEMBERS POSTING ON THAIVISA AMID COVID-19 - 25 MARCH 2020 In addition to the guidelines posted below and those detailed in the Thaivisa forum rules and following the announcement that Thai government will invoke emergency powers in order to help deal with the COVID-19 situation in the country, Thaivisa requests members posting on the forum to abide by the following: Do not post news or any form of content, including video, audio, images, social media posts that contains messages
  5. A rather nasty and uncalled for smart alec troll comment and a reply have been removed
  6. A post has been removed: In using ASEAN NOW you agree to abide by the following terms: 1) You will not express disrespect of the King of Thailand or any one member of the Thai royal family, whether living or deceased, nor to criticize the monarchy as an institution. By law, the Thai Royal Family is above politics. Speculation, comments and discussion of either a political or personal nature are not allowed when discussing HM The King or the Royal family. To breach these rules will result in an immediate ban. Linking to external sites
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