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  1. First off, marrying a Thai is no guarantee of Thai citizenship - ever. Thai citizenship is awarded on the basis of a points system (like many other countries). You have to obtain a PR first. That in itself is a arduous and lengthy process. At a minimum obtaining a PR will require three years of Thai income tax filings … here is a short list of requirements for a Thai PR
  2. As far as I can tell, Thai banks will accept any amount you want to send in. I have sent, from the US, amounts up to 4 million Baht and nobody blinks an eye.
  3. We end up spending half the year in Thailand and half in my home country. Can’t speak for others but I am certainly happier in my home country … and my Thai wife of 22 years happier in her home country.
  4. Just when I though I had reached the point where I was immune to Thai hypocrisy … and then this. Also, what has culture got to do with this? Topless was the rule 100 years ago. I guess they are out to defend modern Thai culture only. Don’t get me started on go-go bars and knocking shops.
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