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  1. The consequences of a China disaster of this nature will be far reaching. Collateral damage will be global. The global debt bubble is enormous particularly when you add derivatives. An implosion in China debt markets will shake global confidence that is already teetering. Have to wonder who will be buying all that Sovereign debt when China steps back from the auctions. Hope I am blowing smoke and turn out to be dead wrong … it’s been known to happen . Might be a good time to consider investing in real assets.
  2. Don’t do it. They are hideous. Tried last year and spoiled Christmas dinner.. subsequently tried Thai raised fresh Turkey and that was a major disappointment as well. I am going to try goose or ham this year.
  3. Having checked, you are correct, I was wrong/out of date. How about wearing some manners and put a tiny bit of effort into stating your correction with something more polite than “You’ve written complete nonsense”. I am sure it’s not beyond you.
  4. First off, marrying a Thai is no guarantee of Thai citizenship - ever. Thai citizenship is awarded on the basis of a points system (like many other countries). You have to obtain a PR first. That in itself is a arduous and lengthy process. At a minimum obtaining a PR will require three years of Thai income tax filings … here is a short list of requirements for a Thai PR
  5. As far as I can tell, Thai banks will accept any amount you want to send in. I have sent, from the US, amounts up to 4 million Baht and nobody blinks an eye.
  6. We end up spending half the year in Thailand and half in my home country. Can’t speak for others but I am certainly happier in my home country … and my Thai wife of 22 years happier in her home country.
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