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  1. I can relate extra well with your post.. I'm from Auckland, have my own condo in Pattaya, last 5 years. I'm a very healthy 70yrs old.. I get my full Nz pension sent to my Thai bank.. Needed to read in NZ 45 yrs to be eligible. I still own several houses in NZ. And have very substantial passive income from other investments. Including commercial property in Adelaide.. The houses give minimal income, but good cap gains, which keeps me ahead of inflation. The main point here is... Create long term passive income.. Keep some good property to reap cap gai
  2. I have no idea what you are referring to? I'm a property investor in NZ and Australia. I don't normally buy new properties.. In good areas over many many years, I've had good cap gains. It's a totaly different situation to Pattaya Thailand, where cap gains on any property, are very rare..
  3. I own a nice condo in Pattaya, but I never ever refer to it as an investment.. Most condos actually loose value. Mine will hold it's value, due to amazing views and good location.
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