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  1. Have you ever felt unsafe or in danger from crime in Pattaya? particularly from other farang? I had a work colleague recently ask me areas to avoid in Pattaya when it gets busy again and i mentioned Walking Street ,the danger being drunken farang I have had some incidents over the last 20 years so as i get older and ready to retire im more cautious. For many years i avoided Walking Street particularly at night or in the early hours after some East European drunk guys shoulder barged me its not the thai people im cautious of in pattaya but the drunken tour
  2. I remember about 20-25 years ago reading up & meeting many farang particular from Australia living on their aged pension. Many were living very good . But can it be done nowadays? I'm looking at the aged pension from Australia and it's around 50,000 baht a month..of course you would have to have the 800k in the bank to meet the immigration requirements. Not sure how much the other countries pay their aged pensioners but ...who here lives on their solely aged pension and any difference from before in terms of living in Pattaya I kn
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