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  1. My two have been out since the end of February……online doesn’t work for the 10 year old as he has some ADD which doesn’t work well for computers, though he has no problems with video games. Strang how that works. I think open the schools and see how well it works……if it all goes badly just close again. One wonders about this generation’s education standard when they start working.
  2. Ah. So that is the intention……good to know. At one unnamed office the head of the office wanted 15,000 baht for easy process……my wife said just do it for an easier life……I pleaded poverty and the woman settled for 10,000 baht…..it still stuck in my craw though.
  3. I went to Jomtien Immigration today for a marriage extension. The woman asked for a letter from the embassy……these were stopped more than two years ago. She then said I should have 400,000 baht in my account…..I pointed out I was doing the 40,000 a month. The list I got a month ago from Immigration in English for extension was different to her list in Thai. She told me to go away and get all the things on her list. I asked if she had it in English….No, she said. I asked at front desk where they gave me my original English list….of course I had everything on my list…..No, we don’t hav
  4. I’ve lived in a few countries, and they are all what you make of them. I think Spike Milligan sums it up pretty well.
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