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  1. Q: Does a LT Girlfriend have property rights when we split? A: None at all. Absolutely zero. As already stated, she also has no right to any cash settlement from you for maintenance for herself or for her child for any reason. You do not have to pay a one-off settlement and you do not have to pay any ongoing sums of money for any reason at all.
  2. A post incorrectly quoting another member has been removed. Please do not type your reply in the quote box.
  3. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but this is how I see it. If you have received two recognised vaccines, for example AstraZenica and Moderna, then you should be classed as fully vaccinated. The fact that you have had an additional non-recognised vaccine should not matter. I base my opinion on the following: A somewhat similar situation has occurred in the UK. The minimum recognised time between the first and second vaccine shots is three weeks. Out of the millions of people who have been vaccinated, a very few people ended up getting their second shot to
  4. NHS numbers stopped being listed on birth certificates some time ago. It was too easy for impersonators to get a start with their illegal schemes. The previously issued old style birth certificates still have the old format number listed. NI numbers have never been linked to birth certificates. They are issued automatically to young adults based on their enrolment for Child Benefit, which 99.99% of parents in the UK receive as it is a non means tested benefit. NI numbers can be obtained from the link given above, however you either need to be in the UK or using a VPN fo
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