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  1. At the minute, to the best of my belief, supplies of Pfizer and AstraZenica are controlled by the government. As there is still a demand from many millions of unvaccinated people, the government is not yet ready to give third and fourth shots to people in your circumstance. Moderna, however, has been purchased by a consortium of private hospitals, for those people who are willing to pay for it. While the medical opinion in Thailand seems to be that you need only one shot as a booster, this is Thailand, and you may be able to book and pay for a second shot to prove you h
  2. Before you give her the bad news, don't forget to secure all of your important documents, outside of the condo if you can. Passport, bank cards, bank books, pension documents, title deeds, housebooks, spare property access cards and keys, vehicle registration books and spare keys, driving licenses, any documents from your home country and anything else that would be difficult to replace easily.
  3. Q: Does a LT Girlfriend have property rights when we split? A: None at all. Absolutely zero. As already stated, she also has no right to any cash settlement from you for maintenance for herself or for her child for any reason. You do not have to pay a one-off settlement and you do not have to pay any ongoing sums of money for any reason at all.
  4. A post incorrectly quoting another member has been removed. Please do not type your reply in the quote box.
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