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  1. Also, now it’s better/ easier to go to Bangkok, than to do the Sandbox 7 nights ? Doesn’t make sense to me . Why is it 1 day full quarantine in BKK and 1 test , and 7 days SHA+ in Phuket plus 2 tests ????
  2. Hi, good for you. Just went back for a holiday, , albeit from France . Just follow gov.uk it’s all there, easy to follow. If you have to do a day two test, you do it and pay online.( they send it to the address of your choice) Then they send you the docs with a number .. This number you put on the Locator form, easy to fill in. Take your vaccin certificates with you. I found that all this was checked in France by my airline BEFORE I could board. Then in London, terminal 5 for me, very easy, just my UK passport through the machine . From plane to baggage 30 mins max. Had good food, very frie
  3. In France, if you’ve been double vaxed, ( or one Johnson) you get your booster jab exactly 6 months after the last jab. They will use Pfizer or Moderna.
  4. I suppose some sort of testing must be done on arrival, as if you leave people up to their own devices, most wouldn’t comply would they ? I’m quite sure not many real 2 week tourists will come anyway. There are no holidays in November, and people who winter holiday usually use their Christmas/ New Year time. Also, the airlines have to get back on schedule , and they’re not going to fly half price with the nightmare 2 years they’ve just gone through! I think people like myself, longstay. , snowbirds whatever, might want to come. And there’s not millions of those. To be honest, no skin off my n
  5. They check when you enter a country. From France to Italy for ex , i was stopped by road, in airports when you check in, they look at your passport, visas if have, and the destination rules documents. Otherwise you can’t board.
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