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  1. Isolation for EVERYONE with covid in hospital facilities was a worthy goal when the virus was under control. However with this current wave then isolation at home is the only option for those with mild/no symptoms. It does of course need to be strictly enforced and things like food delivery and daily checks on those living alone should be organised.
  2. Somewhere, someone is wondering why their food order from Grab was late in arriving
  3. Sounds to me like the OP needs a holiday. It seems odd saying that when we live in Thailand but this covid probably has us all in a rut.
  4. Moved to an inactive post for a couple of months then back in the game. His biggest issue will be affording the truck payments while he is in the doghouse.
  5. Its covid. Not the plague. If someone collapses near you please help them. Its far more likely to be something like a heart attack than extreme covid illness.
  6. With no tourists pretty much the only thing bringing money into Thailand is exports. A weaker baht would help that.
  7. Would this vaccination cocktail be recognised in Western countries is you had to travel?
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