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  1. With rips "Go with the flow" is generally the best idea but sometimes... Got caught in a rip in Sydney back in the late 60's, I followed the flow and it dumped me on an underwater sandbar, every time I stood up I got dumped back on sand bar again, couldn't get off, luckily the life savers managed to get me away ( all hats off to these people wherever they are ). Spent a few days in hospital with skin loss, bruising and water in my lungs. Just wish the tourists here for a swim took more notice of eating / drinking before their swim and listen to the life guards - if any.
  2. I remember some of the "toxic soups" at a couple of beaches near Sydney back in 68! There were 2 beaches almost side by side, one had a sewer outlet. I have visited many beach resorts here in my more than 20 years of working / living here. Here in Thailand I haven't swum in a beach since the late 60's but have swum in other countries where I visited or worked. The biggest risk has always been rips, having been caught unexpectedly in one I am amazed at how often they are ignored by swimmers here in Thailand.
  3. Thanks will contact you in the next few days.
  4. Could perhaps also be the browser you use at certain times of the day. Where I live outside Banphai 50km south of Khon Kaen I often have to switch browsers if I am watching a TV series online around 9pm. I try to download tv series ( mainly UK ) to watch in the evening but, this is getting harder and harder with restrictive practices by Youtube and Google. Even Dailymotion is not as easy as before. As others have said if still an issue talk with 3BB.
  5. My email provider for many many years has been Loxinfo, sadly they will cease operation this year or early next year. For now they provide out of contract date ( e.g. my yearly contract finished end of July ) with no charge until end of this year or early next year. I had 3 separate addresses and used them for business in and out of Thailand and personal contacts. I had a Gmail account in the past but rarely used it and, the required "current email address" was Loxinfo. I understand it is not possible to use a Google email address for the required "current email address" f
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