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  1. As others have mentioned probably air pollution, could check your aircon unit to see if it needs cleaning.
  2. I spoke to my local ( Banphai Khon Kaen ) post office manager and he stated firmly that the post office never contacts someone by email asking for payment for a parcel etc. I had similar emails to one of my accounts, I opened one of the emails and showed the PO manager, it IS a scam. Blacklist the email site and don't open any more. Report to your local PO although there is little they can do.
  3. I wet my finger and hold it in the air. Then I listen to what my body tells me. Ask a local farmer. Far more reliable than an "official" forecast.
  4. This is so sad, unfortunately "people can't / don't read" sic ! Would it not be worth placing cameras at the road crossing point or some way to force traffic to slow down by placing speed bumps ? In the Kalasin district on the way to Nakhon Phanom there is a road that passes through Phu Phan a nature reserve and forest area in which there are monkeys. Some areas have numerous crossing points that the monkeys habitually use: sometimes there are low cement walls on one side. The monkeys chance their luck, even those with much practice, when crossing the road. In very f
  5. OP - Many thanks for the warning.
  6. I have had letters / cards to the UK disappear that had 1,000 baht notes in them. Better to do a UK bank transfer and send card separately. I wonder if there is a scanner that recognizes the metal strip ?
  7. OP - many thanks for all the replies, will test run some of them next time I am in Khon Kaen
  8. OP - thanks will look again online
  9. Understand but do you get your old passport back ? In the past I had my old passport returned with the corners cut off
  10. Correct, my retirement visa expires Dec 2021 and my passport April 2022 so I can't get a new retirement visa before I get a new passport
  11. OP - I live 50km south of Khon Kaen and no of no one in Bangkok to go to the UK passport office.
  12. Sizzler in Khon Kaen always has pine nuts at it's salad bar. Does anyone know where to buy genuine pine nuts ? ( Not "pine nut flavour" as one supplier called its stock. I am vegan for years and would like to use pine nuts in the mixed salad I eat daily and prefer not to use "salted" products such as sunflower seeds etc.
  13. I have always had big issues with static such as in fabrics, touching cars / metal buildings in sand storms ( Saudi experience for many years ) , carpets etc. All my clothes, towels and bedding etc, are cotton. In the past I have used duck down pillows which has always contradicted my vegan live beliefs. Can anyone recommend a non-feather bed pillow that is soft and pliable as in down pillows ? Is there one in which the pillow stuffing does not create static, including the cover ?
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