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  1. forget it who is going to put up with this stupid s#it stupid brain-dead country ..what they they must realise is Thailand is not the country it was better and cheaper places in europe once you lose em you wont get them back but these idiots cant see that
  2. you are what I'm afraid of becoming if i stop drinking and i really mean this in a polite way mate i enjoy a few beers every night without fail..its what i enjoy ..but best of luck .. possiblity the right choice ....
  3. home cooked noodles.with ..greens cabbage ect..tomatoes meat eggs load of spices all tossed into a wok of seasoned soup ..and a fresh brew coffee of course
  4. yep same here ..im in for the long haul wife kids and all the trimmings but told the wife if i didn't have id be long gone looooooong gone
  5. yes they are killing the golden goose idiots do you remember before covid Thai government said foreign tourism wasn't important the after covid arrived they were crying in their som tam no farang. no money.. no food.. no jobs they will get exactly we what they deserve. just another nail in the coffin of Thailand
  6. hit the nail on the head mate Same old Same old. apart from foreigners coming back to family who would be stupid enough to want to come here Apocalypse Thailand ..all closed
  7. you forgot to mention on a dingy from France helped by the British navy and coastguard.....plus RNLI just saying..
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