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  1. My Original appointment was 10 weeks before expiry, it was cancelled twice due to covid. I just wish they allowed us to post directly to the UK or just complete and online application form.
  2. Just thought I would give a quick update. So my passport arrived in Bangkok yesterday (wednesday) and they emailed me at 4:10pm to say I can collect. The issue is they only allow collection between 2-3pm, and are only open monday, wednesday, and friday. Because they will not send my passport out to me, I have to use an agent to collect my passport and then post it to me in Phang Nga on Friday evening. So I will be recieving my passport monday or tuesday. I find it rediculous that they can not just post the passport directly to me, why do I have to use a third party f
  3. Hey guys, So I have been waiting 5 weeks for my new passport to arrive (UK passport), my original meeting was over 2 months ago but was cancelled twice due to covid.... Does anyone have any update on how long they are taking? My visa is due to expire on the 16th September and now I'm getting really worried that my new passport won't be here in time to renew my visa, and I will be on overstay. Will I be arrested if caught overstaying and deported, while waiting for my new passport? and if I receive my new passport and pay the overstay fine will I
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